Plotholes In The Poison Game

Why would Nana want to kill Aaron? Why would she want to kill her own grandson?

Still, DL had been her own grandson too but this was different. Aaron was from Alec and Aaron was a good King.

She paced around the small room.

"Doctor Rika had been the one to prescribe the medicine to them. Except..." She stopped in her tracks. "Except if Doctor Rika and Nana had planned this together. Does that mean, Kara...?"

Her breath became heavy with shock.

"And Clara...? The weakness! The fever!"

She immediately packed the bottles into a bag and bolted out of her room.

She had to see Aaron immediately.


"I feel better now, you should leave." He said resting on an elbow while he tried to sit up in his bed.

"But Aaron...?" She turned to him immediately, walking towards the side of the bed he was facing.

"Leave now, Aliyah. I don't want anyone seeing you here with me. Especially Diamant."

"Is that the thank you I get for doing everything to save your life?" She folde
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