Flickers Of Unplanned

Diamant walked into the room hastily, her hands searched through the surface of the table and everything she could check.

"My Lady," Clara's shaky voice cried out while she grabbed her vase tightly to her chest.

"Is there any problem?"

Diamant turned to them, different thoughts running through her mind.

She had searched everywhere!

Could it be that her thoughts about Doctor Rika was wrong but Minister Gu said they were in the plot together. If he had left an antidote to heal Clara, then it meant that something had gone wrong and he had backed out.

Her hope was wavering. Had they, perhaps, lied to her?

Although she suspected that Lewis was innocent, a part of her even completely believe it but if she didn't see prove, there was nothing she could really do.

"My Lady?" She heard Clara call out again. Diamant snapped out of her thought, her eyes zeroed on the vase Clara cradled tightly to her chest. She stepped closer to her and without warning dragged it out of her grasp. Before Clara
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