A Bitter Pill To Swallow

"Nein...Nein...my son." Nana stood up quickly but the weight of the chains coupled with her weakness brought her back to the ground. She stood up back, more carefully this time, her face lit with a smile of hope.

"Mother...." When he came into the view of the little torch the dungeon provided, her smile fell. The corners of his eyes looked sulkened and his eyes were red, like he had been crying.

"You don't look alright. What happened? Is it about me?" She tried to reach for him but the chains restrained her movement and the heaviness made her drop her hands back. She looked down at her chained hands, her heart heavy with doubt and pain but she looked up at him with hopefulness.

"Don't worry, I will be out soon. All I need you to do..."

"You did want to kill him, didn't you?"

His silent voice cut her words shut. Her smile slowly fell again and she blinked rapidly.

"I begged you," he stepped closer to the bars, "I begged you not to touch all I had from Daniella. You know how much I love
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