Ticking Suspicion

Diamant jerked vehemently in bed, her eyes flew open and she sat up. She looked around in a hurry, taking in her environment. The flickering candle on the candle stand made her calm down, she stood up slowly, feeling dehydrated. Her lips felt dry and and she lifted her hands to her burning throat.

"It was just a nightmare," she whispered to herself while she gulped down a goblet of water.

Something felt awfully wrong with her. It felt like she was loosing her mind. She still remembered what had happened between her and Sunain like a flickering thought seeping into her mind. Was she breaking under pressure? Sometimes she felt like she was herself, other times she felt she wasn't.

She sighed, exhaustion making her legs weak. Every muscle in her body felt too weak. Her mind was completely troubled. Asides all that had been happening to her, she couldn't let herself forget that there was still something in Landrus's dungeon she must retrieve before its absence would be noticed.

Fear rush
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