Unfree Freedom

As much as she wanted not to feel pity for him, there was a sense of unison in his grieve, a depth and pang of guilt that she could understood, one that she could also feel. She felt a tear run down her cheek, she didn't know if she was grieving for her pain or his.

"We have so much in common." He said looking down at her with a tinge of a distant smile before his eyes held a glint in them.

"Let us start again, Diamant. From the very beginning like all these never happened."

She looked quietly at him as he brushed away her tears. Her eyes glinted with hope of survival and escape but his next words held something within them, something that held so much significance but could have almost been missed.

"Let us start from the very beginning, my woman. We have so much laid out for us, let us not ruin it. I forgive you for everything you have done, let us put it all behind us."

His voice hit different strings in her. From a slow consideration to confusion, realization then silent rage.

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