Second test

Rodney hated his father more than he had ever hated anyone. As he got into the car, he thought of turning around and grabbing a gun from one of the guards and using it to hit his arrogant father’s head. The man got into a black Rolls Royce maintaining a smug look on his face. Rodney grimaced as he was forced into another car. He glared at the two guards who got into the car with him.

As the car drove away from the neighbourhood, Rodney’s anger grew. His hate for Alberto was growing each passing minute was growing and he did not know if he could trust himself around his father anymore. He tried to calm himself down, telling himself that trying to kill Alberto was the most stupid thing he could think of. Alberto would kill him.

Soon, they reached a shady looking uncompleted house in a secluded area. Rodney’s eyebrows furrowed when the two cars drove right into the garage.

“Where is this place?” he asked, panic gripping him.

The men in the car with him stayed silent as
G. Chelangat

Hi there! Sorry for the long wait. I wasn't sure people were reading this so was so slow with updates. Now that the reads have increased, I will be updating more frequently. If you're loving the story, please leave a review. It means a lot.

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