Chapter 16 Here I am
Before heading off to the Scarlet Mist, Tolly planned to get himself some food.

‘Perhaps I’ll soon have a big fight tonight, so I have to be armed to my teeth. No matter what will happen later, it’s always right to have enough food around. If I have to die tonight, I’ll have to die with a filled stomach.’ Tolly told himself.

Hence, he walked towards a stall where he could buy some food for himself. The owner of the stall was a young woman in her forties with a freckled face and two pigtails. She looked like the kind of woman whose youth’s proud livery had already turned into tottered weeds of small worth. She was sitting behind her stall, eating Red Rose.

‘What’s going on? Red Rose again? Red is the color of blood. Does it forebode that my trip tonight might be a bad one?’

While Tolly was thinking, the woman gawked at him without saying anything. The silence reigned between them for a short while. Finally, the woman asked,

“How can I help you, young man?”

“Hello, I’d like some fo
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