Chapter 18 A Needle Scorpion Caught
Tolly hummed his little soft tune happily, thinking he would soon be able to catch something he wanted to finish collecting the herbs, but he did not notice that the old man on the same tree was gaping at him in disbelief.

“Damn it! What are you doing here?” the old man asked.

“Nothing. I’m singing, you know. The song is called ‘Health’. I bet you’ve never heard of it before. I learned it when I was back on another planet.” Tolly began to sing again, “Circle three times left; circle three times right. I’ll shake my head and I’ll move my hips. Please come together for exercise…”

“Are you nuts? Stop singing that silly song! I’ve never seen such a stupid guy like you before. Your bait has already gone, but you haven’t even noticed it yet. What’s the point of your coming here?” the old man said angrily in a husky voice.

The old man was telling him the truth. Tolly had been busy with his singing that he had ignored the black leaf worm pierced through on the hook had gone.

‘That’s funny
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