Chapter 19 One-eyed Man killed

Tolly made a face and stuck out his furred tongue, showing that he was fully amazed by the difficulties they had in their cultivation.

But Tolly also felt he was lucky, for he had always been able to eat like a horse, which might help with his cultivation according to Michael. And above all, he had Universe Golden Cauldron to his advantage.

‘As the old saying goes, if you want to do an excellent job, you must get your tools improved first. When it comes to my cultivation now, the keyword is upgrading. If I can upgrade to a higher level, I’ll best them as easy as pie.’ Tolly thought to himself, curving his lips up to a confident smile,

‘Of course, at the moment, I’ll have to get those two important herbs to help me get rid of the Rotten Throat Wind.’

Time was cracking.

Most of them, one by one, had all got something for their hunting except for Tolly and the one-eyed man. They decided to call it a day and some of them even took Red Rose out of nowhere and started eating them while chat
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