Chapter 20 Fight on the Magic Carpet

Soon, half of the Fried White Duck was gone, and surprisingly, Tolly saw from the screen that his vital energy went from 174 to 194 points.

How could it be like that? He remembered that a White Duck only contained 30 points of vital energy.

Not thinking too much, he had another piece of the Fried White Duck. He saw that his vital energy turned to 200 points.

He did not know that while he was eating, not only could he absorb the vital energy from the food itself, but also the vital energy that escaped into the air if he could get himself into an extremely relaxed state.

Then he stood up and threw the rest of the Fried White Duck onto the ground below the Magic Carpet. He decided to wait for what might happen next quietly and patiently. As a part of his plan, he hoped that it would work.

In the distance, the moon seemed to grow brighter. It was quite like a beautiful and graceful lady, whose lips curved up into a happy smile, admiring the Tolly’s smarts high above in the sky.

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