Chapter 29 The Scar-faced Man

Tolly turned around and what came into his sight was a muscular guy with a scar on his face, flanked by several young men. All of them had tattoos of a dragon on their arms.

Tolly recognized the guy immediately, who was the scar-faced man who had tried to collect protection money at his hovel. They were all working for the Golden Dragon Gang. They had been following him ever since he left the George Lange’s.

The scar-faced man cracked his fingers, saying maliciously,

“Hey, boy! I’ve heard you made a fortune on the black market. Well, it’s time to pay for your protection money. I think you know who we are.”

Apparently, the scar-faced man had already forgotten who the boy before him was, for he probably had to collect protection money almost everywhere. It was a load of work to do.

“I know who you are, of course! You’re the guy who comes from the Golden Dragon Gang. I guess you don’t know who I am.” Tolly said calmly, cracking his own fingers, too.

Tolly was ready to fight at any minute
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