Chapter 33 Invincible-level Talent
“Assassin?” the scar-faced asked in surprise.

“Yeah. I think you’ve all heard of the assassination that happened on Bridge Street.” Tolly said, “I want all the intel about the assassin.”

“No problem, I’ll do my best. With the great spying system of the Golden Dragon Gang on Goldearth, it should not be a difficult task for us.”

“You should get back to me within seven days before all of you die of Rotten Throat Wind,” Tolly warned.

“Sure, but where shall we meet you?” Albert asked with great concern.

“Meet me at my hovel.” Tolly said, “don’t let others know about it. It’s very important.”

“All right!”

“Okay, see you, my son and grandsons. I’ve got to go!”

“See you, grandpa!”

As Andy and his men took their leave on their green leaf-like boat to finish their task, Tolly flew back on his own hovel. Nothing changed in his house, as all the things stayed where they had been, only that he had to clean the house again, since there was more dust on everything.

He walked to the door and
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