Chapter 39 Fight with Cinderella
“I didn’t expect that you secreted your true power. Your classmates have said that you are an ordinary alchemist of one level, but I figure you are at least at level four. And you are a fire elemental alchemist, aren’t you?” the veiled woman asked in shock, her eyes widened,

“But you are nothing to me. I guarantee that you’ll soon be a dead man!”

With that, the veiled lady Cindy began to drive her internal vital energy to her fingertips. This time, some thorn-sharp cold ice appeared in both her hands. She was confident that she could kill him with her new technique.

“Ice Shark Burst!” she shouted while pushing both of her hands forward. Two huge icebergs as sharp as swords soon turned themselves into two giant sharks and flew straight at Tolly. It seemed that Tolly would be doomed without any doubt.

However, Tolly didn’t hesitate. He acted quickly by driving every ounce of his vital energy to both of his hands, in which quickly two balls of fire were burning fiercely.

Not daring
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