Chapter 44 Battle Techniques
“So, Miss Clarkson, what exactly do you mean?” Tolly asked, scratching his head.

Miss Clarkson looked at Tolly again.

“That means you’ve had your breakthrough, Tolly.” Miss Clarkson grinned.

After hearing what their math teacher had said, Luna looked at Tolly in surprise. Widening her eyes, she couldn’t believe that the guy who had always been a waste of space had finally had his own breakthrough.

“Really, Tolly?”

Tolly smiled and nodded.

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Clarkson. After almost becoming the food of brutal beasts in my last test, I’ve overcome my inner demon—fear. I’m not afraid of anything. I know fear is nothing but fear itself. There are no more obstacles and distractions in my mind, so I’ve had my breakthrough!”

“Congratulations, Tolly! You’ve finally broken through to a new level! That means you are a level-two ordinary alchemist. Work hard. I believe maybe you’ll be able to break through to level three before the test.” Luna said jubilantly.

She was genuin
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