Chapter 46 Put New Technique Into Practice
“Look at that guy standing there with a stupid staff in his hand! He’s Tolly, the most useless practitioner in our school. He’s been stuck at level one for three years.” Someone gossiped, giving him a contemptuous look.

“Tolly, you are not allowed to be here. You know, the place is for us higher-level alchemists, get lost!” the beefy bulky boy said, glaring at him coldly.

Tolly was speechless with indignation.

‘Are all the kids here so arrogant and rude? I’ll teach them a lesson anyway.’ Toly thought.

Suddenly, Tolly caught sight of Kevin among them, who was standing five or six meters away from him. At the moment, he was also making a sour face in his direction.

Meanwhile, Luna was also a little bit surprised upon seeing Kevin. She felt angry because Kevin had escaped and left them alone to confront the veiled woman Cindy before.

Tolly just ignored the beefy boy and did not give a care about what he had said. Instead, he shouted straight at Kevin,

“Come out, you’re a coward, Ke
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