Chapter 48 Fight the Fight
“I’ve heard that you hurt some people from Class One,” Sally asked warmly.

‘Yeah, I didn’t expect that I was able to defeat them. Because they pushed me too hard, I just told myself to do my best.” Tolly replied happily.

“Good job. Those who show great courage will be true warriors.” Sally remarked, “but I guess you’re probably tired. Do you need me to help you?”

“No, thank you, Sally. I can handle that myself this time. You know, I won’t be a prime object of bullying anymore.” Tolly said confidently.

“Go for it, I believe you, Tolly! But if anyone else dares to mess with you at the same time, I won’t let them go easily.”

Tolly appreciated her support very much. He nodded and then said,

“Okay, thank you. Now please talk about your training, Sally. I’d like to know more about the second-level hunting ground.”

“Can’t you guys talk later? I can’t wait anymore!” Kevin shouted.

“Sally, perhaps you can tell me about that later. Now, let me teach him a lesson first.”

Holding the shar
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