Chapter 74 Gaining More Fighting Experience

“Well, it seems I have to go down to the ground to catch the Sword Swan.” Tolly thought to himself, “but it’ll consume my vital energy if I stay on the ground for too long.”

He was in a dilemma, but in a minute, he quickly came up with a better idea.

“Perhaps I can fly on my Sound Sword a few inches above the ground. Then I don’t need to consume any of my vital energy,” whispered Tolly with a hint of excitement.

He hurriedly mouthed some words,

“My dear Sound Sword. Take me to travel as fast as sound.”

With a swoosh, his Sound Sword immediately floated in the mid-air. With a single bound, he quickly landed on his favorite Sound Sword.

The Sword Swan was enjoying its prey happily. However, as Tolly went flying toward it, it got such a fright that it was taken aback a few steps.

“That’s my prey. I’ll skin you alive,” said Tolly excitedly.

He was not afraid of any Sword Swans anymore since he was already an ordinary alchemist of level six.

He took out his Nine-Tiger Staff and decided to
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