Lesson 83 Hunting Test
“He’s cruising for a bruising!” said Kevin furiously, gritting his teeth.

“Be quiet, everybody,’ said Mr. Brown, “Now the talent test is over. All of you can take a short break for fifteen minutes. And then we’ll go to the first hunting ground for your hunting test. Good luck to all of you!”

Suddenly, a girl with freckles on her face asked in surprise,

“According to the schedule, aren’t we going to the first hunting ground for our hunting test this afternoon?”

From the looks in the eyes of other students, they all seemed to have the same question.

“Well, good question,” Mr. Brown explained, “We’ve changed the schedule for safety reasons. One of our students reported to me that he felt something bad might happen. So, to play it safe, we’d better set off fifteen minutes later.”

With that, Mr. Brown subconsciously cast a casual look at Tolly, who nodded to him with a smile.

“Something bad?” asked the freckled girl.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, everything is under our control,” said Mr.
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