Chapter 102 Backup Force
Tolly stomped his feet, worrying about Sally.

Now it seemed he had no other choice but to go to the Pole Cold Island to rescue Sally.

‘Where’s the Pole Cold Island?’ thought Tolly to himself, ‘maybe I have to figure it out first.’

At that moment, Fanta Lord and his assistant River came in the direction of Tolly. Ghost and his numerous warriors chased behind.

Even the most powerful man could not consume all of his vital energy to fight against so many warriors. That’s why Fanta Lord and his assistant started to evacuate.

“Why are you still here?” asked Fanta Lord while sighting Tolly, stunned.

“It’s a long story,” explained Tolly, “Let’s roll together.”

Fanta Lord and his assistant were furious that their backup force hadn’t shown up yet.

Suddenly, dozens of Golden Saircrafts traveled toward them.

“Well, Finally,” said River with a hint of excitement, “They’re coming, my dear Fanta Lord.”

Nevertheless, their backup forces were not on those golden Saircrafts. Instead, they belo
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