Chapter 108 Training Course
“I guess you’ll take me to fly around this place and enjoy the beautiful view here,” said Tolly happily,

“Anyway, that’s what Luna and Peggy get for their second training course.”

However, Fiona Dragon shook its head vigorously.

“No, no, not at the moment,” said Fiona, “that will be my third course for you. Before that, you need to have a fight with me. I need to know your true power and strength.”

“What?” said Tolly while gaping at Fiona Dragon in surprise, “Why do I have to take such a course? Yet, Luna and Peggy don’t need to.”

“That’s not my business, Tolly,” said Fiona, “If you want me to be your coach, you have to listen to me.”

Fiona Dragon gasped, a little annoyed, waiting for Tolly to give it a pleasing answer.

“Okay, Fiona,” said Tolly, shrugging his shoulder, “I guess if I don’t want to take such a course, you will say my way or the highway. All right then, let’s fight. I know you are for my own good. I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

“Fight against me with all the
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