Chapter 109 Mountain EverHigh

“Fire!” said Fiona Dragon, “Your own fire.”

With that, Fiona Dragon moved its head backward and spurted out all the fire that it had swallowed from Tolly’s attacks.

The phoenix fire that had gone into Fiona Dragon’s mouth a while before quickly came flying toward Tolly.

Tolly knew he had to take back the fire that he had sent this time. With his previous experience, he was much more cheerful and confident that taking back the power of the fire would not be a difficult task for him.

With a peaceful mind, the love at the bottom of his heart was starting to boil. He let the frightening fire come straight at him without any fear.

In a flash, the fire soon wrapped him with its burning power. Yet, it did not hurt him at all. The boiling love inside his body turned the anger of fire into a warm stream of vital energy, nourishing Tolly’s body unceasingly.

After that, he felt much more reinvigorated and refreshed.

Heaving a relieving sigh, Tolly said to Fiona Dragon happily,

“Now, what do you
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