Chapter 110 Sad Fog

[There is a black tree somewhere in the mountain. Find it out and destroy it, then you’ll all be able to fly over the mountain.]

With a grin on his face, Tolly was pleased with what he had seen this time on the screen.

“Fiona Dragon, let’s find the black tree on Mountain Everhigh,” said Tolly to Fiona Dragon.

“Why?” asked Fiona Dragon while staring at Tolly, “I’ve never heard there’s a black tree in this world.”

“Do as you have been told. Then you will know why,” said Tolly.

After that, he asked Luna and Peggy to help him look for the black tree on the mountain, too.

“I only see green trees here. I’ve never seen a black tree before, Silly boy. Are you making fun of us,” said Ginger, raising its head, unwilling to do what Tolly had asked Peggy to do.

“Since there’s nothing to lose. We better do it,” said Peggy to her spiritual beast Ginger.

Though reluctant, Ginger decided to take Peggy to look for the black tree on the Mountain Everhigh.

All of them soon landed on it and started their
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