Chapter 123 Meet Bineonates Again

It was the voice of Luna.

Tolly quickly realized that Luna and Peggy might be in great danger. Tolly swiftly moved in the direction of the cry. At the same time, he woke up his spiritual beast.

“Fiona Dragon, come out of my sleeve and grow bigger.”

With that, Fiona Dragon quickly crept out of his sleeve and grew larger until it was in its normal size. Fiona Dragon yawned and asked Tolly while rubbing its eyes with one of its thorn-sharp claws,

“What’s going on, my dear master Tolly? I still feel sleepy.”

“Sorry to have awakened you. It looks like Luna and Peggy are having trouble at the moment,” said Tolly while quickly mounting on the back of Fiona Dragon.

“Fly me there, Fiona. We have to be quick, otherwise, they might be hurt,” added Tolly.

Fiona Dragon wound its body and flew toward the direction of the cry as fast as possible. A few seconds later, Peggy and Luna came into their sights.

They were riding on their respective spiritual beast, facing three snakes in front of them, eac
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