Chapter 129 Underground Mausoleum

In the first five minutes of the competition, Fiona Dragon was flying ahead of Ginger and Jeremy. However, Ginger sped up to its fastest speed. Five minutes later, Ginger was far more ahead of Fiona Dragon as well as Jeremy.

It looked like Ginger was going to win the competition in the end.

Yet, suddenly there was a sandstorm appeared in the sky. A few seconds later, there was sand everywhere in the air. Tolly and his friends, as well as their spiritual beasts, could not see anything clearly in front of them.

“Darn it,” said Tolly, “Does it mean we’ll face another problem?”

“Probably, my dear master Tolly,” replied Fiona Dragon, “there is sand on my whole body. I feel I’m not myself now. You know, I also feel quite dizzy, so I think we must land down somewhere below.”

“All right, Fiona,” said Tolly, turning to his friends at the same time, “we have to land somewhere down below. Fiona feels exhausted. Besides, it’s too dangerous if we continue to fly in the sandstorm.”

“Okay, Let’s fly
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