Chapter 134 Duke Charles Smith
Puppets of mech robots were especially powerful. They suddenly held out their mechanical arms. In a flash, they simply turned their arms into cannons that could fire bullets or small bombs. Before other puppet warriors could land themselves on the bodies of those cow-headed monsters, all the monsters were shot to death or exploded into ashes in a minute.

“How could it be possible?” exclaimed General Cowhead, pointing at one of the mech robots, “what exactly are they? Why are they so powerful?”

“Oh, they are one of the puppets I made. Do you like my design? It’s cool, isn’t it?” said Tolly flatly.

Without further attacks from the cow-headed monsters, General Raymond’s yellow light ball was gradually gaining its light again.

With a roar, General Raymond instantly made his yellow light ball on fire. Thus, all the three-thronged weapons that landed on it were burned into ashes in a few seconds. He was happy that he was not in great danger anymore.

“Thank you, Tolly,” said General Raym
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