Chapter 137 General Shrimp Archer

However, all the water arrows that landed on the Pink Ball did not explode this time.

Instead, the vital energy inside them was all sucked away by the Pink Ball. In a flash, all the water arrows disappeared and the Pink Ball grew bigger.

“My dear Lotus Light Formation, come on, launch our attacks,” said Peggy.

With that, numerous lotus seeds came out of the Pink Ball and went flying toward those Shrimp Archers. Though they were good at launching their powerful attack, they were actually weak in their defensive powers.

In a minute, when the lotus seeds landed on their bodies, there appeared huge holes on their bodies. Some of them died on the spot because the lotus seeds sent from the Lotus Light Formation were as powerful as bullets back on earth.

“Who are you?” suddenly a Shrimp Archer that was ten times larger than a normal one asked, pointing to Peggy with the bow in his hand.

“Me?” said Peggy, “My name is Peggy, a student from the Wesilver school at Fanta Mountain. please don’t ge
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