Chapter 143 Five-headed Lion

“David Dragon,” said Tolly, “since your sister, Fiona Dragon, is my spiritual beast, can you be the spiritual beast of Sally?”

“Yes, of course,” David Dragon said, “I am eager to be the spiritual beast of Sally.”

Then he turned to Sally and said, “My master, I will be at your command at any time.”

“Thank you, David Dragon, I hope we can have a good cooperation,” said Sally.

In a minute, David Dragon shrank itself to a smaller size and crept into Sally’s sleeve. At the same time, Fiona Dragon also grew smaller and crept into Tolly’s sleeve.

After that, they climbed up to the fifth floor. This time, what came into their sight was a forest.

“Holy shit! How can there be a forest here?” said Tolly in great surprise.

“I don’t know,” said Mary, “this is also my first time to be here.”

“If only there will be another brother of Fiona Dragon,” said Tolly happily, “Then I don’t need to get involved in a fight. Let’s go in now. Hope we can get lucky again.”

“There are a lot of tall trees in the f
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