Roshan walked to his normal hunting ground, he needed to get more stats, he needed to get a lot of money for the old man as he wasn’t going to be around anymore if he finally enters the military school.

What if he wasn’t actually there to help with the poison, where would the old man get the money, he sighed as he kept walking

All these burdens made him feel like an old man too

He still had the Arachion’s gem which he planned on using to upgrade his gauntlets. He could still absorb energy from the beasts he hunted to gain more stats and he would sell the gems too.

The main solution to his problems was just to hunt.

He walked deeper into the forest, the vines and branches grew thicker till he came across a large sandy area.

He stopped as he looked over the area. His ears picked up slight movements.

“Something’s coming” he thought as he readied himself for a battle, almost immediately a beast jumped out from under the ground baring out its fangs. It looked like a giant worm with layers
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