The Vagary of a Bastard

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The Vagary of a Bastard

By: Annie Lemony Ongoing

Language: English

Chapters: 5 views: 582

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ReincarnationAlternate UniverseMatureIndependentIntelligentSoldierHistorical

He didn't understand. Neither did he even get a grasp of it. All he could remember that there was a flash of lightning that came out of nowhere, and now he woke up in a mysterious room. Confused by this development, he tried to get out of that room; but before he even took a step out, the candle flickered slightly as the sliding door swung open. There was a man stood before him. The man quirked an eyebrow and asked. "Where do you think you're going, Haruka?" WARNING Contains boy x boy Mature themes Angst

5 chapters
The blue sky slowly blended with the orange tint before being completely engulfed by the dark. There were stars all over the space, the milky way could be seen in this field. However, this just happened to be the last scenery he could look at.He never thought this was his last day. He even imagined that he would live for a century. Lying on this soft grass, he heard somebody walked in his direction.

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Chapter 1
He stared at the twinkling orbs above him; it felt like the universe was revolving around him. He watched the galaxies formed and eradicated from the celestial map.There was nothing, nowhere, and no one other than himself.He floated aimlessly in the weird dimension, spending all those years figuring out how to get out of that place, but alas, everything was left in vain. He couldn't lift his arms nor wiggle his
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Chapter 2
Ten years had passed before his very own eyes. Now given a new name for his existence, Haruka had many questions in his mind. No amount of evidence nor findings were able to answer his unbearable questions. No claims were able to support his theory, but here he was. All flesh and bones, standing right in front of his reflection. Haruka squinted right at his own reflection. Golden blonde locks cascaded from his head down to the nape of his neck. Giant round violet orbs staring right back at him. He almost mistook his reflection to be sick due to the pale complexion Haruka snorted. It's been five years alread
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Chapter 3
The sizzling sound of the juicy steak on the old iron pan snapped Haruka out of his deep thoughts. He stared at the steak that was set before him. Medium rare, perfect sear on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. Not his favorite. He likes it firmer; well done, if he may add. He picked a bit-sized piece with his chopsticks and pushed it into his mouth, silently gagging at the juice exploded in his mouth. Haruka let his eyes wandered around his environment.The main family and the council members were present in the dining hall, minding their own business. The dining hall was silent, with the exception
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Chapter 4
Haruka woke up to the dimly lit room. The back of his head throbbed as the fragmented memories pounded his head repeatedly. Geez, whoever hit him must be a retarded goon. Not only his head hurts, but also a massive chunk on the back of his neck feels like a hot iron was pressed on it.He cracked open his eyes to scan his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the stone ground. He could feel the moisture penetrate into his kimono. Haruka couldn't hide his disgust as he scurried into a dryer corner. It's cold and wet; as far as he can recall, he hated wet surfaced. He would never leave a place undried, much less intentionally pouring liquid over the surface. Everything should be in perfect condition. Much of the reason for his hatred for wetness was caused by him spilling the tea onto his work surface. Which ruined most of his manuscripts. But none of these matter in this type of situation.Haruka took his chance to stand up, but the throbbing pain increased signif
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