The last runner : Academy of magic

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The last runner : Academy of magic

By: Ernest Chibuike CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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On the night before Christmas eve, Thomas was struck by lightning and as a result he woke up only to find himself in a mystical world in which their life depended on time and survival was the aim. Thomas discovered he had powers as he had to undergo training in an academy which he was admitted into since they were told that a great doom was coming, one which would destroy both the world he was in and also his real planet. While the battle drew near they realized that Thomas was the Last runner who will have to end the battle in his home planet if not the scenario will repeat itself. Will he be able to end the battle and restore balance to his world or will he fail only to allow the process to repeat itself?

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Chapter one : Where am I?
"You there!" a man in a suit said as Thomas turned to see him pointing at him. "Come up!" Thomas looked right and left at the remaining eight people who had walked into the interview hall with him then walked up to meet the man on the platform. "What is your specialty," the man asked with an instantaneous stare at him. "I'm sorry but I think I shouldn't be here," "State your specialty," the man repeated and Thomas studied his serious countenance. "I don't have a specialty," Thomas answered. "I won't repeat myself the third time," "Come on! Are you even listening to me? I said I don't have a specialty…" Before he could complete his statement two huge men from nowhere walked up to him as they dragged him down the platform. "Let me go!" he struggled to set himself free as one of them knocked him out. 'Wake up Thomas we need you… wake up!' ……….. Prior to the incident. It was nine o'clock on the night before Christmas eve and deep in the city was a young boy of about seventeen y
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Chapter two : Admitted into an Academy
"Come with me?" Elise said as she ran off and Thomas followed her with his foot sinking in and out of the deep sand. While running forward Elise took out a small sceptre as she circled it in the air and a portal was opened as she and Thomas ran in. Thomas' eyes were widened, while he ran through different portals, first was mountain, second was cliff, third was a forest, and lastly was a strange looking city. It was mystical with different strange colours, machines and individuals; flying trains, riding planes, Flying horses and even human ferries. Everything was a total opposite to how it should be. "Thomas!" Elise interrupted his thought as he turned to see her hands stretched out through another portal. "Come on," Thomas took hold of her hand and she pulled him in as the Portal closed and they both fell on the floor in the woods. "What were you thinking you could have been stuck there," Elise said immediately after they stood on their feet but Thomas ignored her as he looked
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Chapter three : What did they do to me?
"Thomas," he heard someone call as he turned to see Ashley standing in a large field with a beautiful smile spread across her face."Ashley," He muttered then took three steps towards her but stopped as he noticed her countenance change and tears began rolling down her cheeks."I shouldn't have followed you Thomas, if not none of this would have happened, I am sorry. You must save us," she sniffed."What do you mean Ashley?" Thomas furrows his eyebrows and Ashley turns around to a large storm approaching them swiftly. "They are the ones," she points towards the storm as Thomas could see lightning strikes inside the storm and strange alien creatures."Ashley!" he ran towards her to carry her away but before he could get there his eyes fluttered open."Wake up, you must save us before it's too late!" Those words resounded In his ears as he realized it was a dream.'Where am I? I can't see anything,' Thomas whispered to himself as he tried to get up only to realize that his hands and fe
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Chapter four : The plan
It was already dark and the moonlight wasn't visible since it was covered by the moist cloud, the only light they had were twelve lamps hanging on staffs which ran vertically in twos towards the hole. It was a perfect setting and all he needed to do was sneak out and head far away from the lamps. They dropped the dead body inside the large hole then headed back for the iron stairs but willing to escape, Thomas slacked behind and while others were coming down to dispose the bodies, he sneaked under the iron stairs as he ran off towards the right end of the building. He stopped when he took the turn, then looked forward at the rays of lights hovering on the field and upward to five watchtowers. 'I don't think that this should be difficult. You can do this Thomas. All you need to do is avoid the lights,' He encouraged himself as he forged ahead to the front of the building in which were many watch towers and he didn't care to count. He continued running fast as he could but carefully
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Chapter five : Evolved
When he approached them he pressed his way through the people as he spotted the boy dancing in their midst while the others cheered on.'This is strange,' Thomas thought to himself as he ran his gaze at the people and back again to the pale skin young man with blue coloured hair who was about the same age as him.Still witnessing the scene he was mistakenly pushed into the centre from behind as he turned around, but with the people cheering, he wasn't sure who it was that pushed him."Who are you and what are you doing in my ring?" The young man said as Thomas turned to him."I'm sorry, but I think I should just leave," Thomas walked towards the crowd but they would not let him leave."You are going nowhere. Anyone that interrupts my show must have a duel with me," The young man said.Thomas turned again to him. "Look, I don't have time for this. and I won't do any duel with you, Okay..?" He replied as the young man ran quickly towards him, then gave in a striking punch to the belly.
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Chapter Six : Escape in action
"Impossible," Mike muttered with a highly esteemed gaze at Thomas. He had a carefree personality and could easily get triggered whenever he saw something new. "You should return to your seat now. but don't fail to see me in the next room immediately after class," Kelvin said and Thomas nodded slightly as he walked down to his seat. in the Dimension department. Elise was seated on her desk which she shared with her seatmate, Ana. The desk was one out of fifteen and there were a total of Thirty in the class. Their teacher was exceptional in her field and the entire class found her as an expert, except for Elise who thinks she was better. "Elise," Ana called as Elise turned right to meet her inconspicuous gaze. "Who was the young man I saw you with earlier at the field?" she whispered. "Do you mean Thomas?" Elise asked. "How should I know his name? Of course that could be his name, but you didn't tell me your new friend was from the electric department," Ana said. "Of course, he co
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Chapter seven : the waterfall
"Come with me Elvis," Thomas said as they left for the entrance into the building while the others began to separate themselves on twos to different spots on the field.Thomas and Elvis walked into the building as they headed for the staircase. They made their way up and when they arrived at the electricity department class they realized that the hall was empty."Where are your friends?" Elvis asked and Thomas frowned at him."Don't act like you have no clue," Thomas said as he took out his phone then texted Elise and immediately after that they were interrupted by the sound of the door opposite them and Thomas looked only to see Jerry walk out of Kelvin's office.Thomas would have called his name but when he had a flash of their clash earlier i restrained himself as all they did was stare at each other."What is the problem?" Elvis said but Thomas ignored him.Jerry drifted his gaze to Elvis. "Who is this and why is he here Thomas? i thought Kelvin said that no one Else was supposed
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Chapter eight: The Cannibals
While digging David turned to Elvis. "Go and tell Kevin that we have sight on the waterfall,""Sure," Elvis stood up as he hurried back to the room and delivered the message to Kelvin. Kelvin followed him back into the tunnel and before they got there Thomas and the others had already finished opening the tunnel.A wide smile spread across Kelvin's face as he turned to see all of them lying weakly on the floor. "You have all made me proud," he said as he embraced each one of them and helped them up. "Let's prepare our things, we leave tonight,"They all cleaned up themselves, changed into a different outfit and carried along everything that was necessary."What is that?" Thomas asked when he noticed Kelvin pick up a small remote containing just one red button on the table."You will know what it is after we leave," Kelvin answered then turned to the others. "You all should come with me," He said and they all moved into the tunnel.When they arrived at the waterfall Kelvin moved ahead o
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Chapter nine: The Sentry
"Thomas… Thomas…" Jerry scolds in a whisper backed up with the chattering sound of the chains used in chaining up his hands to two pillars. "Thomas!" Jerry called again and Thomas opened his eyes and dazzled by the rays of sunlight coming inside through the large side windows he turned left to meet Jerry's perplexed countenance."Where are we?" Thomas muttered as he drifted his gaze upwards to see that he was chained to a pillar just as Jerry was, and on his right side was Silas also chained in the same manner."I think we are doomed," Silas said and Thomas looked forward only to realize that they were chained before a large multitude of people.The people he could see were over thousands and they were celebrating with ancient instruments. Their dress code was animal skin and they spoke a different kind of language unlike normal humans do."We are doomed for sure," Thomas muttered then flinched as he turned to Jerry. "What do we do?" "I have an idea," Silas interrupted as his eyes kep
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Chapter ten : The bawl of challenge
"Thomas, come over here," Kelvin said to Thomas who was having a conversation with Elise while they were moving as he walked down to him."Is there a problem?" Thomas asked."No. I promised to tell you how I was able to do all I did earlier right? but it's okay if you don't care about it anymore," "What? Why not," Thomas chuckled while he stared at Kelvin expectantly. "Please tell me," "Okay, remind me of the first part that got you curious?" he asked and Thomas rolled his eyes to the down right corner."Hmm.., Yep!" He sprained his gaze back to him again. "I would like to know how you figured out the plan. How did you know I was making an escape plan?" "That's right. First thing you must note is that anyone with an electronic power has the ability to access anything that is electronic from example you cell phone. I saw the message you were sending to your friend Elise without Having to ask you because I had access to your cell phone," He answered as Thomas widened his eyes in surpr
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