The Dark Werewolf

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The Dark Werewolf

By: 1st Manga KING OngoingFantasy

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'This...' 'What's happening...?' Weird fur started growing out of the hands and the same was seen on the legs too. The burning sensation was intense and all this was happening during a night of full moon. The nails also had started to elongate and the texture of the face too changed. It was a dark night when it was raining heavily and in this heavy rain a boy, who was slowly transforming into a werewolf was running while being totally drenched. 'No... not again!' 'I don't want to turn into that monster again!' "Aooooooo" Join me in this amazing adventure in which a boy turns into a werewolf with dark powers just after reading a book! [ I do not own the art of this cover. If the owner owns this and wants me to remove it, please leave a comment. It will be removed within 48 working hours. ] [ Also, the story is a bit slow paced since I'm planning to write about 1000 chapters, hope you enjoy. ]

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  • Simon 1982


    An excellent story. I highly recommend you give it a read.

    2022-03-17 02:10:00
  • Shreya K


    A cool story. I read this story too early. I wish there were more chapters.

    2022-02-24 13:25:01
  • Kim Lee


    Really loved this. Awesome author.

    2022-02-22 01:47:53
  • Mr_Flash XO


    cool story. Loved the char of Rin, btw. Hope to see more chaps

    2022-02-21 16:33:35
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104 chapters
[ Prologue ]
[ NOTE: Prologue is too short and gives away almost no detail so you may read it without getting spoiled. But if you really want to skip, then go right ahead to the next chapter. ][ Prologue ]'This...''What's happening...?'Weird fur started growing out of the hands and the same was seen on the legs too.The burning sensation was intense and all this was happening during a night of the full moon.The nails also had started to elongate and the texture of the face too changed.It was a dark night when it was raining heavily and in this heavy rain a boy, who was slowly transforming into a werewolf was running while being totally drenched.'No... not again!''I don't want to turn into that monster again!'"Aooooooo""Someone... please help me!""..."  
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'BAM''BAM''BAM'"Uhh..."A group of bullies ganged up on a boy and were hitting him continuously.The boy rarely even resisted. He had his specs on which were snatched and crushed to pieces.His face was already swollen while he was covered with bruises.His nose was also pretty badly hurt and he was bleeding.He barely even opened his eyes due to fear and just kept on lying while the 4 bullies were bullying him by either stamping him with their legs or by slapping him or punching him."Haha! That was refreshing!", said a tall boy with a muscular body.He had yellowish-blonde hair with a hairband on it. His ears were pierced with earrings.He looked like a typical bully with fierce eyes.The others who were standing beside him weren't as muscular and tall as him.They were just like the hyenas that ate the leftover of a lion or wolf.Just because of some number and power, they thought
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The Mysterious Old Museum
"Monster...""Monster...""Monster...""No...""Monster...""Monster...""No! I'm not a monster!"*Huff huff*All of a sudden Rin opened his eyes while shouting at the top of his voice.The doctor who was back from the class was sitting and looking at some books when she heard him shout due to which she immediately rushed towards him."Rin!!?", she thought that something major might have happened.Though nothing of that sort occurred, she could see that Rin was sweating profusely.He was panting hard too and his breathing was too heavy.Also, it was evident that he was troubled by something because a weird sort of mixed expression of fear and confusion was seen in his eyes.Furthermore, it seemed as if Rin was zoned out and wasn't even able to hear what Reena was trying to say."Rin...? Hey Rin...", she slowly touched his arms and then shook him a bit right after which he regaine
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A Book In A Cage
For some reason, Rin was feeling the place to be familiar which was quite weird because he had no memory of visiting this place earlier.The thought of that was more than enough to make him shocked.The area around the old museum was also creepy enough to scare anyone who dared to even walk around it.That was the same for Rin too. He too was scared right now but his legs forbade him from running away from here.Instead, it felt as if he was attracted to the mansion.He subconsciously ended up entering the museum that was right in front of him after slowly opening the gate.Then he walked towards the door of the museum and opened it right after which he ended up entering the mansion.Just when he placed his foot inside the mansion, it started to thunder outside.Suddenly it got too dark as if it was going to rain."Huh...? What just..."Rin regained his senses after hearing the sound of the thundering and the ligh
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The Descendent - Part 1
"Tsk, maybe everything is rusted..."That was the only thing he could say. Of course, he wasn't wrong, everything in the place did seem to have rust on it.That was probably because it had been too long since it was left and there was probably no one to look after the place.Because of that most of the things had ended up in a bad condition."Sigh, I guess I need to find some other way to break the glass..."When he took a look at the glass, he could clearly see that the glass was quite thick.Without a doubt, it could withstand a large impact too with ease.Probably it was strong enough to block even bullets or missiles.However, Rin didn't care about those reasons, he just lifted whatever he found in the vicinity and started to throw them towards the glass.'Bang''Bang'The things kept hitting the glass but not even a single crack was produced. Of course, it was only after 50 minutes he realized that the
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The Descendent - Part 2
*Blink Blink*'Wh-where am I?', Rin opened his eyes while asking himself this question.He had an unfamiliar ceiling on top of him. It was quite dark, but despite that, everything was clear to him."Wasn't I in my room?", he asked.He was completely confused because the place in which he was right now was none other than the same museum from which he had departed earlier."Just what the heck is going on?", he was getting chills and goosebumps was a common occurrence right now for him.Clearly, very clearly something was fishy and he definitely felt that.He tried to stand up but unfortunately, his body didn't have even an ounce of strength.He was feeling feverish earlier and the same feeling was present even now. His body was definitely quite warmer than normal and he wasn't in his best condition either.'Tap Tap'And while he was in such a state, he suddenly heard the sound of someone's footsteps.At firs
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The Descendent - Part 3
Rin was forced to get the Grimoire but he had no idea why the man himself didn't do it.Although he was told that the book would choose the one who was worthy enough to it, he felt as if this was some random joke.'Tsk, I guess I have to trust him for the time being...', Rin was still suspecting him after all he was just a stranger."..."But he let go of all those thoughts and concentrated on what stood in front of him.'The cage... or perhaps barrier...''How do I break it?', that was the biggest question.He did hit earlier with all of his strength due to which a crack did appear, but he had no idea if he had to do the same again.He took a look at the spot where the small crack was present.'Hmm, I guess I should try hitting this spot with some sturdy material...', he decided and then looked around.The man was confused as to what he was doing. He wanted to see how Rin would break the barrier since he believed
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The Grimoire - Part 1
The man was indeed astonished and failed to think anything more.His mind was blank just when he heard the shattering sound of the barrier.He wanted to deny the fact that such a barrier was broken by a brat such as Rin, but no matter what he would do, he couldn't change the truth."Yes! Finally!", he was quite happy about the fact that the barrier broke.But more than that, he was happy because he wouldn't be required to bang his hand again and again on it.It had already started to bleed but despite that, he continued to punch it.Probably each time he punched he thought - 'In the next punch it will definitely break!'That was good thinking which would lessen the pain and thanks to that he could keep punching till the end.Now Rin wiped the little amount of blood in his own shirt and then walked slowly towards the book that waited for him ahead.*gulp*'Our entire fate is in your hands...''If you can rea
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The Grimoire - Part 2
Although Rin tried to tell himself that this was nothing more than a dream, he failed to wake up or come out of it.It was as if he was trapped. Indeed, he tried pinching himself and even slapped himself once or twice, but no, in the end, he was still surrounded by the dark mist and the darkness itself.All he could hear was someone's voice which he wasn't familiar with."Now accept it already, you have come here with greed to get your hands on the Legendary Grimoire of my master!", the voice said."..."This was bugging Rin even more. No matter how many times he denied it, the voice would just try to prove otherwise. It was saying the same thing again and again which was quite frustrating indeed."Sigh, just how many times should I repeat myself?""I didn't come here willingly!""I was just trying to get the book which the person asked for in return of which he would tell me about my parents and my missing brother!", Rin made
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The Grimoire - Part 3: Trial Cleared
"Huh?", Rin was preoccupied with the light so much that he had forgotten about the riddle but it seemed like the voice decided to move on. 'Sigh looks like I couldn't answer the first question...', Rin was a bit sad. 'Hmm, but indeed, that was something to think about...', however, he was a bit happy that such a question was asked to him. "If you are told that tomorrow is the end of the world and if you are given with a choice to save only one among your mother, your best friend, and a stranger, whom will you save first?", that was the second question which the voice asked. The question was quite tough for Rin. He didn't know what exactly he had to answer with. Of course, while saving someone, one would give priority to the ones which are the most closely related so obviously, the answer for that should be a mother. But then again, he could save his best friend too because that person would also be close to him. No one would gi
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