Vaewolf System

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Vaewolf System

By: Sirlupexe Theking Ongoing

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Textbook Definition of a Vaewolf; Hybrid, of Vampire and Werewolf. When the FAE, creatures of fantasy and long-lost history, rushed out of the depths of the earth, sick of how humanity had destroyed the world, no one had expected it. Unable to contend against their magic and advanced technology, Humanity was soon on the verge of extinction. Until, one ambitious man, invented the Fae Serums. And thus, a new world of Fae Humans was born. Miles Lykaon was meant to live a life of absolute comfort and power, as the next heir to Lykaon Industries. But when he was still a child, his parents passed away. Even with his Butler/Guardian watching over him, in order to protect what his parents had left, he was forced to grow older beyond his age. But he failed, and his inheritance fell into other hands. Until one fateful night, when two mysterious strangers, monsters, crashed into his home. He was meant to die, but a ghost saved his life, sacrificing the two monsters in his place. When Miles woke up, he had been granted a mysterious system, with a strange feature called forms. And so begins the Legend of the Vaewolf, the Lord of Blood and Shadow, the Huntsman of the Wild. Discord Server: Cover Art: Drawn and Designed by me. So expect more art. This story is inspired by the glitch in Skyrim, and the general coolness of the idea.


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7 chapters
Chapter 1: Miles Lykaon
Miles Lykaon sat at his desk, twirling a glass of grape red Pinot Noir wine in his hand, gazing through his window, observing the peaceful Lykaon gardens. It was a moonless night and the dozen or so light drones in the air were not sufficient to illuminate the entirety of the massive garden. Particularly, the interior of the hedge maze which spanned several hundred square meters and took up a quarter of the garden. Leafy green hedges formed the walls of a labyrinth, twisting and turning into dark unlit paths he should've known as well as the back of his hand. Unfortunately, the fae empowered bramble and thistle had ruined and deformed the maze garden into something he was no longer familiar with. Seeing the old maze in such bad condition, only a shadow of what it used to be, made Miles's heart ache. Suddenly, a voice called out from the doorway, "Master Miles, I've just received information pertaining to a rumored Faetality booster serum. I'll be taki
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Chapter 2: Sudden Assault
Miles walked into the grand hall, revealing the true grandeur of Lykaon Mansion. Luxurious carpet covered the floor, masterful paintings graced the walls, and well-designed furniture decorated the room, with a glorious chandelier bringing all the individual elements together with perfect harmony. However, Miles’s attention was on something else, something on the second floor, reached via one of two diverging staircases. He gazed at the familiar painting, visible to anyone in the grand hall, depicting a well-dressed couple. The gentleman was handsome and clean-shaven, with a stern but pleased look on his face, and the lady was beautiful with a little makeup, curls of auburn hair down her back, smiling with bright brown eyes. They were Etan and Agnes Lykaon, his parents. Miles felt his hands reaching for the wooden pendant on his neck, hung by an old piece of string. It was carved out of rosewood, half of one face painted white and the other hal
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Chapter 3: Surviving by Outsmarting
Miles was well-aware of the capability of most Faehumans. The only people who could exhibit speeds as fast as this were in the upper tier of Delta, which meant Faetality only slightly less than 100,000! That was already a hundred times his own, and he felt these two were even stronger! These were individuals who could take on entire armies, entire fleets of ships by themselves! However, considering that Fae ships were up in the sky, these were probably Fae. Types of Fae he had never seen or heard of before... Suddenly, the Lykaon insignia ring sputtered to life. *ALERT! ALERT!* TWO UNIDENTIFIED INTRUDERS DETECTED INSIDE THE MANSION. *ALERT! ALERT!* Miles cursed, ‘SH*T! Now you tell me?’ until his eyes widened in realization, ‘’Holy hells! I understand! They were so fast, the security system didn’t register them as intruders until they stopped.” Unfortuna
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Chapter 4: Saved by a Ghost
Miles woke up in a pool of his own sweat. He could only assume he had fainted due to the fall and the pain. He could vaguely feel that he was in some dark and musty place. He had probably fallen into the decommissioned basement below the Lykaon mansion. Either way, he felt too sick to focus on where he was. As if to make a point, he turned to the side and coughed up a glob of black blood. As he lay there in pain, sprawled on the ground, he just barely saw a set of feet walking towards him, their steps silent. Whoever it was, they helped him up, their hands warm and comfortable. Miles blinked. It was a… a pale woman? If he had to define her with a single word, it would be stunning. However, none of her features were defined or definite. They were shifting constantly, making her appearance rather unreal. Also, he could see right through her. She was transparent. 'Holy hells, either I'm delirious because I'm feeling si
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Chapter 5: System Rising
Miles woke up to the unfamiliar sound of a repeating electronic beep. ‘What... is that? It sounds like a vital sign or a heart monitor?’ Pushing himself up into a sitting position, he looked around. It was indeed what he had expected, and the monitor showed the current status of his body in neon green.His heartbeat was slightly below average, his body temperature a few degrees below the norm, but his physical condition was apparently extremely good.As he shifted his eyes away from the monitor, he suddenly realized that it was dark. There were no sources of light, not even a lamp turned on. There was very little illumination, and yet, he could see completely fine. Everything was clear a
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Chapter 6: Unlocking the Vampire and the First Discipline
Zhan Shen yelled out in worry, “Master Miles! What happened?! Is there something wrong with the water?” ‘What in the holy hells is this?!’ Miles was shocked, observing the strange screen that had appeared in the air before him. In a way, it reminded him of the status that some characters in old video games had. But how and why had this appeared in real life!?Immediately turning to Zhan Shen, he pointed at the screen and asked in a raised voice, “This, this, can you see this?!” The old butler was confused, but he still proceeded to look where Miles pointed before answering, “Master Miles, I’m afraid I don’t see anything. Why? What do you see?” Read more
Chapter 7: Conditional Undeath
Miles was stupefied by Zhan Shen’s reaction. He sputtered out, struggling to speak within that overwhelming pressure, “Old Zhan… W-What are you talking about? It’s me!”The pressure decreased, slightly, but it remained, holding him in place.The Elderly Butler frowned, seemingly confused. Slowly, he asked, “But... you can’t be! Your aura... it’s so vile, inhuman, lifeless. The child I brought up can’t be a monster like you! I never should’ve let you--him...”‘Dammit! He can sense the change? And it’s that bad? But I don’t feel that different? Ahhh, f*ck. I’m going to have to come clean, aren’t I?’Starting to feel the weight of guilt, Miles started to explain,
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