Rise of the Greatest Prodigy

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Rise of the Greatest Prodigy

By: Khay Phynom OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Disowned by his family who he blames for the death of his mother and betrayed by his girlfriend who he believed was the only person who cared for him. Charles find himself surrounded by misery, almost giving up on life until suddenly something appeared in front of him, and at the same time he got run over by a car belonging to a billionaire who adopts him. Will he be able to make it to the top and take revenge on all who wronged him? There's only one way to find out.


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14 chapters
“What was that?” This question was directed at a 19-year-old boy with blue eyes and short pony-tailed hair. Despite his unhealthy looks, this boy was very handsome with pale white skin and the fury and sadness burning in his eyes could not be mistaken and right now, he was currently kneeling, not of his own will, but he was being forced to do so by the two burly men beside him.“I said you should all apologize for what you did to my mother. Her death is on your hands.”Tears trickled down his eyes with his words directed at all the people here, most especially the man seated directly in front of him, whose eyes were emotionless while staring at the kneeling figure. Charles, the boy who was on his knees and was once considered a part of this family was driven away with his mother by them or more specifically, the man in front of him who was the head of this household and also his father.This happened two years ago, and it was barely a year later that his mum ended up dying in a myst
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Charles had a faint smile on his face as he walked through the streets.The buildings and structure of this neighbourhood indicated that it was average living people who reside here.The clothes he wore didn’t rhyme with his looks as they looked quite old and cheap.It didn’t take more than a first glance to know that he was struggling to survive. He was forced into a life of struggle after his mother's death. For the past year, he has been without a family as he no longer considered those people who were responsible for his mum’s death as one. He wanted so badly to have his revenge on them, but alas, he was completely powerless to do so. Everyone he thought was his friend and well-wishers abandoned him even before his mother’s death, including his girlfriend.That was what he thought as she returned shortly after, saying that she was forced out of town by her parents and helped him to overcome the most sorrowful moment of his life. He just lost his family name, which was of cours
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The Affluent System
~Flicker~ ~Flicker~Charles's eyes slowly opened and the first thing coming in sight was the chandelier that hung from the ceiling.His sight was slightly blurry at first, taking about a minute to get clear. He moved his head slowly with his eyes glancing around the luxurious room where he lay.He could tell that it was morning and seeing the fancy clock which hung on the wall his thoughts were confirmed.It was currently 8:17 am. The events of yesterday flooded into his head as a dejected feeling washed over him.“Cynthia,” he muttered the name of the person who he loved and could sacrifice his life for. Even though he now harbored immersed spite and hate towards her, somewhere deep down those feelings still lingered and it wouldn’t be easy to completely get rid of. After all, this was someone who helped and took care of him even though she wasn’t sincere.It was when he tried getting up that he felt his right hand numb and looking towards it he saw that it was in an arm sling.
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Arthur Alistair
It took some minutes but he was now done with freshening and dressing up.Victoria who was the person who had walked in earlier offered to help him several times but he refused.This wasn’t his first time being treated like this as he was originally from a rich household but he was confused at why he was being given such treatment. Why he thought this was because Victoria was no ordinary maid. Even using that term was insulting to her.She had long lustrous brown hair and light brown eyes which held innocence but was also sharp, curious yet seeming very wise.Her beauty rivaled that of top models. As for her body, it was perfectly tuned in every aspect and she was 4 inches shorter than his 6 feet height. He should just be a stranger who got hit by the car of whoever ran him over and with such wealth, he was lucky to be in their house in the first place. “Follow me. The lord of the house is waiting,” she voiced out with Charles nodding as they both walked out of the room.He still
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There were about 15 people seated here. Six were adults while the remaining eight were young adults and teenagers like him.This seemed like a gathering of models as everyone here was very beautiful and handsome in their own way. He had been contemplating about it, and now he was sure that this was a first-class family.This was a hierarchy of the upper-class people in the society.Third-class families had their worth in millions of dollars.Second-class families ranged from multi-millions to billions of dollars while First class families were multi-billionaires. Cynthia had said something about her family making it to the third class with the help of Dan’s family who were second class.Even Charles’s family was a second-class family.He realized this also because he finally remembered why the man’s name sounded familiar.It was simply because he was the head of one of the most powerful and prominent families even among the first class.The Alistairs. “Daddy!” A girl exclaimed with
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New Family
Suddenly hearing this shocked every single person including Daniella who hadn’t shown any emotional change.But Charles was shocked for two reasons, one was because of what his ears just heard and the second was what he was seeing.[You have been offered membership into a first-class family as the son of the head][Do you wish to accept][Yes] [No][Rewards for accepting: ???]This was why he failed to notice as every other person kept glancing back and forth at him and Arthur.“Arthur, can you please explain what you mean.” It was Nate who spoke up. His tone was respectful as not only was Arthur the head of the family, but he was also his elder brother.Arthur looked towards him. “Just like I said, I’m adopting him into this family as my son. So you should all treat him with the respect he deserves.”“But…”“I don’t owe explanations to anyone here,” he said cutting Andy who was beginning to speak short “Or does anyone have a problem with it,” his expression was neutral, yet, it domi
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Starlight City
Starlight City was one of the biggest and most prominent cities in the world. It would rank no lower than 5th and was definitely not a place for the poor, as even average people would find it hard to survive here. Several first-class and many more second, as well as third-class families reside here along with the best of schools, hospitals, hotels, and many more.The city got its name from its beautiful lighting which was more noticeable in the night.Thousands of different coloured lights, which even formed constellations when looking from an aerial view.They say it’s one of the best scenes in the world.The wish to go for a walk began to grow.“For my second question, just to be sure, this is a 1st class family right?” “Yes, young master and you’re now a part of it.”Charles sucked in cold air, he still found it unbelievable how he got himself here and everything that has happened so far.“Lastly, why did I get adopted by Arthur?”“I don’t know the reason for the lord’s decision,
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How much can I buy it?
After walking for some minutes, he ended up gathering some information about this place from his conversations with others and overhearing some as well. As expected, the city was pleasing to the eye. The people keeping the street tidy were doing a great job.Electricity, water, and every other thing provided by the government were in the best of conditions in every single area but surely, the taxes being collected was not little either.This was one of the reasons why not everyone could live here. Even the things being sold were more expensive than in most cities. He was thinking of a way to start making money. With the amount he had capital was in no way a problem.Still in thought, he noticed a man walk out of a shop, which was quite large. He didn’t seem happy and slightly pale. He looked like someone decent, so Charles took the initiative to approach him.“Good day, sir,”“Good day son, how are you doing? Seeing your condition, I’ll say not too well.”Charles brought his gaze t
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The woman was now completely pissed.“Is this a joke to you?! Do you know where you are?!” Her voice was really loud, so a lot of attention was drawn to them.Charles shook his head with a sigh. “Just tell me the price lady. Let’s get this over and done with.”“Is that how you want to play it huh? Then let’s do this. I’ll tell you the price and WHEN you fail to pay. You would be met with severe punishment and believe me, that isn’t something supposed to be on your bucket list.”‘Look at her go!’ Charles stared blankly. How can she be so sure that they couldn’t afford it?“You know what. Let’s just leave. Forget about everything I said,” the man said, regretting that he involved him, but Charles didn’t budge.“That’s no way to make a deal.”The woman was the one now confused. So he went ahead to enlighten her further. “What would happen to you WHEN I pay?”“Huh?” her eyebrows furrowed.“Ah! Yes!” a grin appeared on Charles’s face. “You’ll have to quit your job then.”“Outrageous! Who
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Author's note
Thank you all for giving this book a chance.I would be dropping few information concerning it here.Take note:Everything in this book, including characters, music, movie scripts etc are all ORIGINALS belonging to me. (Yes, we'll have all this☺️)The Dollars is NOT US dollars. The value is different.It might not seem like it in the beginning but this book would be quite unique compared to normal urban storyline. So stick around.I'll update this if there's any other info you need to know. Now, let's dive in.Signing out ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️
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