Bullied Billionaire

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Bullied Billionaire

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SYSTEM ACTIVATED, USER FOUND. You are Now a Soldier for Righteousness. In the lawless city, a young Allen discovers an ancient artifact that unlocks his hidden potential. With the power of the 'Revenge System', he becomes the superhero Allen, determined to bring justice and order to the corrupt streets. As he rises to the top, he must confront dark secrets and powerful forces that seek to maintain the status quo.. It's time to reinforce law and order. There must be a fumigation.

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A PITIFUL BULLYAllen walked out of the post office, where he had just gone to pick up a letter.Out of joy, he had already opened the paper and knew the contents of the paper.He had just gained admission into the top university of his dreams after excelling in his high school exams.He wore a wide smile as he walked in the busy streets, heading home to prepare for the days ahead.Fortunately for him, his acceptance letter came with a full scholarship.Allen quickened his steps as he hurried down the road. He was on his way to break the good news to his beloved girlfriend.Allen had spoken to his girlfriend before going to the post office to pick up his letter, and he knew that she was going to be glad he had finally gotten the acceptance to the universityAllen walked hurriedly, almost running.As he walked, Allen met a group of boys approaching him.He recognised them at once and slowed down.They were the bullies in the town.Allen had attended the same high school with the bullies
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SYSTEM ACTIVATED Jacob quickly stood up from the ground and angrily ordered his boys to beat Allen. Before Allen could realize what was going on, he was already on the floor, and three boys were on him, beating him mercilessly. His envelope was taken away from him by Jacob Allen couldn't help but scream and groan loudly in pain helplessly as the boys hit him on all parts of his body Jacob opened the envelope and took out the letter in it as he opened it. He realized the contents of the letter and got more interested, so he read further. After reading all the contents, he had a mischievous smile on his face. “ Stop!!” Jacob commanded his boys. The boys stopped beating Allen at the command of their leader, and they all turned to look at him. Jacob had a jealous face with a mischievous smile. “ Guess what is here. This loser of a person just got admission to the biggest university in the whole country on full scholarship” Jacob said. All of the boys seemed shocked
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SYSTEM AT WORKAllen grinned to himself on seeing Jacob there.Jacob was equally surprised to see Allen there at the moment, knowing very well that with the beating they had given him the previous day, he was supposed to be bedridden at that point in time.“ Stop boys!!” Jacob ordered his boys.They all obeyed his command at once and stopped beating the victim..As they all turned to see Allen staring at them, they all seemed surprised and shocked to see him there.“ I can see you are all surprised to see me here at this moment right” Allen said with a smile on his face.Allen felt quite astonished by what he had just said to Jacob.It was as though that was not what he meant to say.Allen realized that he had gained a sudden spirit of boldness and fearlessness.On a normal day, he was sure he was not going to speak to Jacob and his men in that manner.Jacob and his men were equally surprised to see Allen there and for him to have the guts to say such a thing. All the boys turned to f
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KEEP IT A SECRETThe crowd cheered loudly as Jacob fell on the ground with a loud thud.Allen walked in between the mess of men he had created and slowly made his way out of the crowd.The crowd paved the way for him as they cheered him on, and he walked past Them.Allen adjusted his shirt as he walked through the crowd who cheered him on, while others hooted at Jacob and his men.As Allen walked away, he felt his heart pounding loudly, but he knew it was not of fear.The feeling of being able to trash Jacob and four of his men in less than three minutes sent shivers down his spine.He felt a bit of relief wash over his soul and body and a feeling of satisfaction.Although he was still not happy, hoping that he could do something more harmful to them for what they had caused.Allen knew deep within him that he wished he could do something more seriously, just that he wanted to stay out of trouble.But in the meantime, trashing Jacob and his men was the best thing that could ever happen
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SYSTEMS FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL Allen asked the question with regard to what he had been thinking of; he wanted to know why the system had just chosen him to be the holder of the power. System: You were given the power because you were the sole owner of it. The power of the system has been embedded in the system for about three hundred years now and was in a necklace. We only needed someone to activate it. The necklace was with you, and it activated. That day, the activation was done, it was your blood that was on the necklace that activated the system. Allen heard the system say. He was quite shocked, and with his hand, he touched the necklace on his neck. Allen was surprised to the core. So it only meant he was still walking because of the necklace. Allen heaved a sigh. The necklace was given to him by his late grandmother. The necklace was actually meant for his mother, but because her mother at that time was busy on the streets, getting herself messed up on drugs. Allen w
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USER LEVELLED UP Allen, after calculating his plan in a few microseconds, quickly rushed towards the unsuspecting man and dodged his knife by an inch. He gave the man an uppercut that sent him flying off the ground. The second robber who was taking the money from the pharmacist saw that, and before he could do anything, Allen was already in front of him. The man shook in fear as Allen held his hand firmly and took the knife from him in an instant. The man at the gate rushed towards them, but he was a bit late. Allen already had the man and a knife placed in his throat. “Drop the knife or I'll kill him,” Allen threatened the third man. The man raised his hand in the air with the knife, trying to save his colleague. The first man to receive the punch stood up from the floor. He had also seen the scene. “Drop all the money on the ground,” Allen whispered into the ears of the man he was holding hostage. The man obeyed immediately and dropped all the money on the floor. The thir
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EFFECT OF THE SYSTEM Allen walked away and made his way to his workplace For the first time in a long while, Allen felt good about himself. The very thought of having such an amount of money in his bank account was enough to make him happy for the rest of his life. To top all of this, he still had a system that enabled him to fight injustice and crime and paid him after that Within a period of less than thirty-six hours, a lot had happened, and it all felt like a dream to him. It was as though he was in some kind of fairy tale. A whole lot of thoughts were going on in his mind as he made his way ahead. “Does everyone have this kind of system that makes them strong and rich? Or is it only me? Is it that all rich people have this kind of system? Where do all these systems come from, and how did he choose me? Why did it even choose me?. How come I never had this thing before now? Does this system have consequences?” All these questions rummaged through Allen’s mind as he walk
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SPILL THE BEANSAs Allen worked through the night with his master, he was deep in thought.He thought of the fact that the system was going to activate while he was still there.All through the evening, he thought about what he was going to do to keep his own identity and the system’s identity apart.He was very quiet that night, and that did not go unnoticed by his master.Every time Roland asked about it, he would just say he was thinking about his current banter with Jacob and his boys.It was getting dark, and the father and son were getting ready to begin with their sales.Allen worked silently with a lot going on in his mind.The hoot of the evening train was heard from far away heading towards them at top speed.“ Are you ready, Allen?” Roland asked Alen as they got ready.“ Yes, we are set,” Allen replied.The two of them sold three different types of foods, hamburgers, nachos, and hotdogs.These three Foods were very popular in their area and highly patronized by the people wh
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USER DECLINEDAlthough he maintained a calm face and a good composure as he worked, he was deep down, very scared and wondering what was going to happen next to him.At this point, he felt very uneasy knowing that something was going to happen yet not knowing what exactly was going to happen to him.Allen said a word of prayer silently within him.SYSTEM: Mission failed, User Declined. Reward aborted. Punishment follows immediately.Allen heard that from the system, and his heart skipped a beat.Now, he was certainly going to be punished. In the midst of all of these people, and in the presence of Roland.Allen paused what he was doing, knowing very well that in a few seconds, something bad was going to happen to him.He gritted his teeth and remained steady for what was going to happen next.SYSTEM PUNISHMENT Allen wondered what punishment he was going to receive from the system this time as he waited for the worst.Within a few seconds, he felt a tingly feeling in his waist, followi
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SPILL THE BEANSAfter Allen had finished his meal. He sat down for a few minutes and then stood up again to join Roland in serving the customers.Immediately he took his stand, Roland turned to look at him.“ Are you okay buddy?” Roland asked in a concerned tone.Allen smiled and nodded, signifying that he could work.Roland only nodded, and Allen went on with the work with a smile on his face. As Allen worked through the night with his master, he was deep in thought.He thought of the fact that the system was going to activate white he was there.All through the night, he thought about what he was going to do to keep his own identity and the system’s identity apart.He was very quiet that night, and that did not go unnoticed by his master.Every time Roland asked about it, he would just say he was thinking about his current banter with Jacob and his boys.Allen, after thinking so much without finding any solution, gave up and retired to bed after they were done with work.While they
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