Unlimited super Rich Revenge System

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Unlimited super Rich Revenge System

By: Fatusnia OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Thomas was well-fed up. Poverty took away all his happiness. He hated his parents, who left him nothing. Apart from the house which has even been sold and a necklace with his name on it. But when he uses it. A miracle happened, the system has awakened! [Peaking anger detected. The system has been resurrected!] [Welcome Mr. Thomas Zerach, the super-rich system has been revived, whatever you want, you can get it. Revenge will be avenged!]

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15 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 The worst day in Thomas' life had now come. The previous days, which he thought were so bad, turned out not to be as bad as today. Today, Thomas really couldn't help himself. Misery had taken him away for so long. A child who has been abandoned by his parents since childhood now feels idiotic and useless."Why was I so stupid, why did I get caught up in that bastard's game. I'll kill you, Bobby! You bastard!” Thomas said with a red face He was angry, how could Bobby trap him like this? Selling his house without him knowing and in the attached statement. It was clear he agreed to everything. That bastard had trapped him So, now what? He could only lower his head, holding his aching head. His tears, without realizing it, immediately fell. Today will be his last day at home, the legacy of his parents because tomorrow, like it or not, he will be forcibly evicted by the new owner of the house. He then entered his house. Trying to take it all in, but it feels so suffocatin
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chapter 2
Chapter 2 Thomas now wakes up in his dormitory bed. The condition was so pathetic. The time is now two o'clock in the evening. His two friends now only looked at him with pity. How could he faint from just a few punches given by that man? His self-esteem is destroyed now. He looked at his face in the mirror of his room.'Look at that handsome face? Very useless. can only get dirt from rich people. You're so useless Thomas!' he said to himself. They were silent for a while until Eden spoke weakly. “Thom, I know you're in trouble right now. You don't need to worry too much, we're with you. Women aren't a problem, I can find them for you.” He said while holding Thomas' shoulder. Hoping to channel his strength. “I'm not concerned with women any more Ed, I don't need women either. They are so troublesome and disgusting.” Hearing that Caesar also chimed in “Yes, women are so troublesome. You don't need to worry, friend, being single is not a disaster.” “But Thom... we wa
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chapter 3
Chapter 3 What kind of game does Zion mean? Thomas thought that wasn't something good for him. Then you can see, Zion starts pouring wine into a glass and the smile doesn't fade on his face, then he spits in it, followed by Alexa and his friends. He quickly stirred everything up. “Drink, if you can drink it, then we will free this beautiful woman.” “Thom, you're not going to drink it, are you?” said his cousin Bobby, who had been staring at all the drama in front of him. “Okay, okay! Maybe this challenge is too difficult. I will add another glass of wine, for you! Without any mixture. Drink!” Unexpected, Thomas immediately took the glass. Hold it firmly. Suppressed anger burned in his chest, but he could only be patient and do everything well. He then quickly drank it down. The people around him looked sick watching it. “Ohh, shitt! He's such a loser!” said Bobby. Meanwhile, Clara could only close her eyes. Thomas finally finished the two glasses Zion gave him.“At l
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 As if in a dream, Thomas got an infinite super-rich system. He was a little in disbelief about everything. White light, coming in through the window crack, woke him up. Now it's nine o'clock in the morning. He slept for a long time. Then he heard, some people calling him, knocking loudly on the door. He is now conscious. Soon this house will not be his. He rubbed his face in exasperation. “Thomas! Thomas! Open the door!” the shouts of Bobby and Mrs. Tillie made him hurry. When he opened the door, several pairs of eyes were already looking at him in annoyance. “Are you deaf? Why did you just open your bedroom door? Take out all your things! The new owner of this house has arrived! Didn't they ask you to move it yesterday!” When Thomas was about to rush. The sound of the system suddenly sounded again [Buy this house back for 5 times the price! The system will give bonus points (++) for this task] hearing that. Thomas was surprised. “What? Really?” His lip
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chapter 5
Chapter 5 Thomas came to the place Eden had said.Several people watched the incident with various expressions.. Some looked so relieved when Caesar brutally beat Zion. As if their revenge were avenged. However, some were angry to see Caesar so brave and thought he was so stupid. Eden then saw Thomas in the crowd. Immediately greeted him and asked Thomas to help him stop Caesar's stupidity. But Thomas witnessed it all. It feels so happy. Zion's pained face made him smile. People record everything. Let that pitying face be recorded there and be eternal. Then he also saw Caesar, who was taking out all his hatred on the rich man. He was so excited. How could he stop his best friend from achieving happiness. “Don't stop him, Eden, let him vent all his anger. Can't you see Caesar is so excited? Wait when that arrogant guy is almost dying, then we stop him.” Hearing Thomas' words. Eden could only stare in disbelief. “What the fuck… Are you sick? You and Caesar are crazy!
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chapter 6
Chapter 6 The news that Thomas was asked to be friends with Zion Wilmer quickly spread. People are now starting to be curious about him. how can he look so cool? But no one answered all those questions. “How did you do that, Thomas?” Caesar still doesn't believe. How could Thomas have that much money? “I won the lottery,” he said, smiling. Thomas thought, he couldn't tell the man right now, he would wait for the right moment. Caesar hated rich people, even though being rich wasn't bad, he just didn't find the right person. “Gosh, why didn't I think of that? But I'm sorry. Because of me, all your money is gone now.” “You don't need to worry, I still have some left of it, I think it's enough to support me.” “Thomas, then, I'll go first. I want to see my sister, it looks like she's going to scold me. She must have seen the news circulating.” “Okay!” Thomas walked away, he was going to have fun with all this money. He would make all those damn people kneel at his feet. But
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chapter 7
Chapter 7 Callie was silent when the man said a worry that had been bothering her for the last few nights. How does he know all that? She didn't even tell anyone about everything. She looked a little panicked. “What do you mean?” “Did you not understand what I was saying?” Hearing that, Callie quickly ordered the best chef to serve all the luxurious dishes in the restaurant. She knew this man was not that simple The waiter and security guard who had been waiting for Thomas immediately came out. Suddenly, they were surprised because Callie even served well and didn't push him away like usual. What is it? Is there something they don't know? Thomas' appearance was even worse than the previous people who came with the behavior of a poor man. They don't believe this. “Miss Ed, why should we serve him and not chase him away?” Hearing the words of one of the restaurant waiters, she quickly became firm. She couldn't offend Thomas any further. “What have you done? Is this ho
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chapter 8
Chapter 8 Darien was angry, he couldn't accept it when the dog that used to be very obedient to him now started to rebel and bite him. He wanted to hit Thomas in the face again, which had always made him angry, why did he have to be so handsome? Until the woman who was his girlfriend even liked him. He was certainly aware of that. However, the confirmation given by his girlfriend made him believe that she would never choose a loser like Thomas. But now what? The woman openly seemed to be starting to defend Thomas. But before he had time to do it, suddenly the sure steps of Callie Ed approached. All eyes turned to him. A firm voice was also heard there. “Watch your attitude, Mr. Dax, what are you doing? Does making a fuss like this make you happy? Don't the stares of the people around you make you embarrassed? I apologize, to you. Please do not disturb any guests who are in this place. If you want to eat, then the waiter will serve you the best. Please understand!” Hea
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chapter 9
Chapter 9 Darien left the place full of anger, his girlfriend even asked to break up with him. He will never forget that moment. Meanwhile, at the restaurant. Darien's girlfriend looks like she wants to tease Thomas. But immediately, Thomas threw her away. “You decided on Darien? For me? That was a brave decision. But how could you think that I would accept you? You are just trash among those rich people, and I will not pick up that trash!" Hearing that. The woman named Amber could only be stunned. “What the fuck is this?! I've always known you loved me, Thom?!” “Maybe that was before. When I was still trashed, but now, how can I love a trash woman? My tastes are different now, not women like you. You know?!” After saying that, Thomas left and immediately took care of making sure the restaurant was transferred to his property. All done, he is now the owner of a restaurant that rich people are proud of. He hasn't finished enjoying his luxury yet. Again, a notification ap
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chapter 10
Chapter 10 Zion was angry with Thomas's very brave treatment of him. “What the fuck! You spit on me?” Zion tried to wipe away the spittle that was starting to flow down his face. People's gazes were now so worried, not about Thomas' fate, but about Zion's anger. Zion quickly responded to Thomas by spitting at him again. “Useless trash!” Then he immediately kicked Thomas in the stomach strongly and repeatedly. He was furious. Thomas is so brave. Previously, no one had dared to go against his words and fight him hard. But Thomas dug his grave. He would die at Zion's hands. But with all the strength that Zion had used to hit him. Thomas still didn't give the pleading response that Zion wanted. The man just smiled sarcastically. Looking at Zion with a challenging look. There is no fear there. Seeing this, Zion immediately turned around. “Okay, if you are strong enough to take all my blows. How about this stupid loser.” Immediately, he started walking slowly towards Cae
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