Summoner's Manual System

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Summoner's Manual System

By: LegalWolf Ongoing

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"I'm a Summoner" - Ariana Ariana is a young girl who survived a great war after her parents and brother sacrificed their lives to save her. She then sees a Grimoire which makes her more powerful and seeks to become a demon lord. She now has to protect her country as well as the world at large. In this world, how will she be able to protect her country from other demons who plan on getting the Grimoire from Ariana? Join her on this magical adventure to enable her to protect her country.


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28 chapters
"What a world this is", said Ariana. "Isn't it this tremendous?", announced Ariana. I was in Junior High and aged 17. "My parents alongside my brother died while protecting me in a war that lasted for a month.", declared Ariana. Now it's time for me to protect what I need to protect. "That's what I call family", Ariana asserted."Way back when I was young, I lived in a humble family raised by hardworking parents.", said Ariana. "I had a lot of friends at that period and they all loved me." she continued. "My brother, Edward was very humble", Ariana continued. Everything seemed to go well in our country and our town until the unexpected came."A week passed when I was walking home from school and was kidnapped by a group of people.", said Ariana. Ariana wasn't the only one held hostage. Also, some other young boys and girls were kidnapped and were sent to a faraway place but still in the village. A place where terrorists live. Ariana and the rest were held hostages and lock
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A Legendary Book
"What in the world", said one terrorist. "A war, like now", he continued. "I'm damn confused.", said another. Soon all the other officers began to mumble. Then, the leader raised his gun in the air and shot one bullet. "Shut your horses", said the leader. "We have no option but to engage in the war", he continued. " We don't know why they are fighting but we have to join", he continued. "If not, the moment they get to our base, we are all doomed plus the hostages", he continued. "I can't go and fight in a war in which I didn't sign up for leader", said one terrorist. " "This is bullshit", he continued. As soon as he spoke his mind, the leader gave him a headshot which made him fall to the ground dead. Everyone outside the cell was scared including Ariana. "Anyone who disobeys my orders will also fall victim to the corpse lying on the ground.", said the leader. Everyone in the leader's gang was quiet because none of them wanted to die at the hands of the leader. The leader
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The Summoner's Manual
When the enemies arrived at the scene, they saw a woman with white hair and a black robe on the ground. "The birth is complete", said one officer. "What do we do now", asked the other officer. Soon a group of officers arrived at the scene. " What are you guys doing here", said the boss. "We saw a flash of light the kit up in the sky and we decided to stop it but when we arrived, the birth was completed.", said the officer. "No one should get close to the woman", said the boss. " The woman damn looks pretty.", said the boss bodyguard. "She may look pretty but she's extremely dangerous.", said the boss. Soon the woman's hands began to move. " Boss, the lady's hand moved.", said the officer. Soon Ariana's other hand began to move and she rose to her feet. The soldiers then saw that Ariana got up and they all pointed their guns at her. Ariana then opened her eyes and everything was blurry. "What happened here", said Ariana. Ariana then looked at her hand and saw that she wa
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Present Day
"It looks like you're awake Araina," said her grandfather. "Where I'm I," she asked. "You are in your home", said her grandfather. "Looks like you don't remember anything thanks to that grimoire of yours", said her grandfather. Ariana then looked at her wrist and noticed the grimoire. "Why is it still here," asked Ariana. "I thought it was all a dream", she asked. It looks like you were remembering your past Ariana," said her grandfather. "I get it now", said Ariana. " "Mum, Dad, Brother, they all saved my life," said Ariana. "Keep that grimoire safe Ariana", said her grandfather. "Because if that book is destroyed, you die", her grandfather continued as he was beginning to vanish. "But father I still have many questions to ask," said Ariana. Soon everything became blurry and then it went blank."Wake up Ariana, wake up," said Ariana's Aunt. "This is Aunt Riru but I call her Ama," said Ariana. "She's the one who has been taking care of me after the war broke out," she continu
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New Transfer Students
"Lord Vulgar huh," I said. "Who's he anyway?" I continued. "Miss Clarissa, I'm heading home now," I said. I immediately then left the place where we fought with the two demons and headed in the direction of my home. Soon, I stopped by a store to buy myself a drink. I then paid for the drink and sat down at the table. I then looked at the television in the store and I noticed that the place where Miss Clarissa and I fought with the two demons were going on repairs. "Well, it looks like the repairs are going on smoothly," I said. "Indeed," said a girl.I then turned and saw a young girl in her house attire. "Hi, my name is....," I said. "Ariana right? said the girl. " Who are you, and how do you know my name?" I asked. "My apologies," said the girl. "My name is Mira, Mira Yàn," said Mira. "You must be the summoner right," asked Mira. Soon, everyone in the town froze completely as my power was beginning to rise. "What do you want," I asked. "I th
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The Seven Deadly Sins
"How did she get in here," whispered Mira. Miss Clarissa then used her fan to wack all of us on our heads. "Anyway," said Miss Clarissa. "This evening at 9:00 all of you must meet me at the church shrine," she continued. And it's indispensable. After Clarissa said this, she left the place and we were all staring at each other's faces. "What does she want us to do at that time," asked Mira. "I guess we must obey what she says anyway," said Celine. "What do you mean by obeying," asked Sonia. "Don't forget she's the strongest here in the school," I said. "Enough with the conversation," Celine cried out. "I'm hungry," she said. Soon we all got out of the gym and went to the cafeteria for food. After eating, we all then entered the classroom for teaching to commence. Well, my sitting mate is Mai. Always she's complaining about the food. "What's wrong with this girl," I said to myself. Soon, they became the school's attention. Everywhere I went, the girls were following me. I
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My Topic Is.....
"Another demon attack," I asked Miss Clarissa. "No, this one is different from the one we fought," Miss Clarissa replied. "Wait, you guys fought a demon," asked Saya. "Yes, it even mentioned a name.," I said. "It said, Lord Vulgar," I continued. Soon as I said that name, my head started to spin and I could see memories of me when I was little and my parents. "Why I'm I seeing this?," I asked myself. "Ariana," screamed Mai. "What did you see," she asked. "I'm afraid this isn't the time to talk about this now," said Miss Clarissa as we looked up and saw close to 20-30 demonic beasts and a magic circle. "A magic halo," said Miss Clarissa. "I haven't seen one in years," she proceeded. "What do you think it is Clarissa?" asked Sonia. "I don't know but everyone should connect to their topic now.," said Miss Clarissa. Everyone connected to their topic except for me because I have no topic yet. "Ariana, you need to sit down and wait for us," decreed Miss Clarissa. "But I revamp
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Ariana Goes Berserk
"Mi tema es REGLA," I said. As soon as I said that, my Grimoire's turned into a big book. It started to flip fast and it then stopped at a blank page. Immediately, I saw a word in a book. Un nuevo tema, regla. Soon, my eyes became black and my power became worse than the first. "What kind of power is this," I said. Soon, the magic circle broke shattered into pieces. Soon all the demonic beasts saw the power of Ariana. "This is the true power of a Summoner," said the beast. "But it's incomplete, it continued," "This is Ariana's incomplete form," said Saya. The barrier that was surrounding Clarissa and my friends was also removed. "Switch target to the girl," said the leader of the beast.They began to charge towards me ready to kill me but it was too late for them. "Atarlos," I said. Soon the pages of the book started to wear off and bind the beasts. "Colección de almas," I said. As soon as I said that, the Grimoire began to collect the souls o
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About Summons
"Now tell me everything that you have been hiding from me," Aunt Riru asserted. She was more furious than before. "The truth is, I possess the qualities of summoning undead monsters for now," I said politely. Aunt Riru's mouth opened wide like an opened cave. "Where did you get that power," asked Aunt Riru. "From the great war," I said. "Alright enough with the questions," said Miss Clarissa. Soon Riru got up from the dining table. "I'm going to make some Udon," said Aunt Riru. Why do you always prepare "Japanese foods instead of your asked Mai? "Because it's delicious," Aunt Riru said.*Anyway, Ariana, do you remember what Fungus said the other time," asked Miss Clarissa. "Of course," I said. "He was talking about Lord Vulgar," I continued. Soon Aunt Riru stopped cooking and rushed to the dining room. "Did I just hear Lord Vulgar," said Aunt Riru as her eyes were filled with anger. "Never mention that she here again," she said. "He's the one who killed Mira's parents and he'
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More About Summons
"A lich is an Undead creature. Often a creature like that is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king who strives for eternal life uses spells or rituals to unite his intellect to a phylactery and thus achieve a form of immortality," the Grimoire said."Besides, we have three (3) walking dead guys," the Grimoire said. "What are they?" I asked."No Life King, Undead Dragon, and The Reaper," the Grimoire said.So the dragon that appeared earlier was undead, I asked. "No it wasn't, an Undead dragon can only be summoned by a Summoner," said my Grimoire. Soon, Ariana's friends came to find her at the locker. "What were you doing here all this time," Mai asked as she looked frustrated. "She wanted to know more about summons so I was telling her," replied my Grimoire. I felt embarrassed when my Grimoire said that. "So you wanted to keep it a secret from us," asked Sonia. "I thought we were all friends," Zain added. "Or you don't believe in us," sa
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