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Athan, a successful, and talented twenty-one year old boy got hit after saving a girl from a truck! While nearing his death door, his last wish was for him to read the last three chapters of his favorite novel [Reawakened The Hero]. However, after he opened his eyes, he found himself inside the body of a villain the protagonist was meant to kill in the future. While trying his best to escape his future death problem, he found himself question about the real reason for his reincarnation. There was something more to this world, and he was sure of it! Like the first meeting with the female companion of the MC, and not to mention, the future antagonist. Was this meeting just a coincidence? or was it all planned for his future. ~~~ Hello guys, Author here, I just wanted to say that this is the first novel I've ever write, also my language is not full english. So, expect that some of my grammar are bad. Feel free to criticized me if my writing is bad, so I can change and learn more about writing. The first few chapters may be... you'll know after reading. But, after the Academy Arc that will happen in the future, I promise you that it'll become better.


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The Sound Of A New Life
The sound of the system is ringing in my ears."Please... stop, I can't lose anyone else anymore..." I begged, and lowered my head.The black withered man only stood there in front of me, while smiling wickedly.'Why am I even born in this world. Just to suffer...' I thought.'Why am I so weak, and apathetic person?' I repeatedly asked myself. 'Everything that was important to me, only ended up suffering, dying in front of me.' The black withered man stood there, a few meters away from me.'I know, that anything I do is futile. With my current power, I'm still a human nothing else. If only, I was stronger..."He tried walking closer, and closer at me. He spoke in a cold tone, while walking to
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Athan von Lohengramm
Hahaha, you peasant really don't know how to give up. Athan laughed. "You guys are pathetic. No matter what happens, a peasant will always stay as a peasant. You guys already knew that everything will always revolves around in money and power." Athan grinned mischievously as he looked at Arthur apathetically. "You may be strong but to me, you guys are just pathetic that doesn't know their place. Sooner or later you guys will die in apathetic way." Hearing his statement, Arthur gritted his teeth tightly. "You really talked too much." Arthur began excluding his killing intent and the mana he had been releasing began increasing. The only thing he could think was to kill the brat that was insulting his family that died and his current friends. The cage he was currently in was slowly melting due to the immense mana he was releasing. Seeing this, Athan slowly backed away in fear as he started calling out for more backup guards. "I'll kill you!!!" Arthur roared in anger. Athan start
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A day has passed after my argument with my mother. I was currently reading a book when I suddenly heard a knock on the door.Tok- Tok-Placing my book back at the table, I sat up from my seat and went towards the door to open it."Young master, dinner is ready.""Oh...go on ahead, I'll just put my book back on the bookshelf before I leave.""Right away."After the butler left, I went back inside my mini library to arrange my books back properly.As I was about to pick up the last book, both my hands became warm for a second. Looking at both of them, I saw a black dot in the middle."Oh... this might be the first phase of the awakening."Awakening is the reason people can use magic in this world. There are three phases of awakening. When they became three, the first phase will begin when a black dot will appear behind their hands. Then, when they're age reached four, the second phase will begin. The crest will begin to shape themselves into elements. And lastly, the third phase. When
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Problem In The Future Will Come Looking In The Future
"Sigh..."After I arrived at the garden, I walked around the area for a bit."They should be here by now... I wonder if her personality was the same in the novel when she was still a child. If she was, the plan could really work."Alicia wasn't really cold and superior when she was still a child, rather she was a gloomy-type of person. And because of the event where she got kidnapped, she awakened early. This made many people respect her deeply and because of the praises of this people, this made know what I mean..."Young master.""Huh?"Looking around, I saw the butler and my mother, with two people on their back. One was a petite-little girl and to her side was a woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties.I walked towards their direction while taking a quick glance at the features of the two.The woman had platinum-white hair that draped down her back like a river spilling across her back. Her ocean-blue eyes were as beautiful like a crystal clear ocean which could flawl
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How Did We Come To This 1
"Yawn..."Yawning, I slowly opened my eyes and sat up to reach my blanket that fell on the floor last night before starting to stretch my body. I stood up from the bed and went ahead to use the bathroom.Taking a look at myself on the reflection of the mirror, I started to wash my face and also took a quick shower.Unlike the normal shower back on earth, the shower in here was produced through magic stones.Magic stones has many types and categories.One, for example is water stone. It is normally used for the shower, washing dishes and many other water related problems.Some of the magic stones can also be used for training and fighting. It can even be used even though your elemental crest isn't related to the stones. You only need a little bit of your mana to operate magic stones.That's why magic stones is convenient in this world...Shhhh-Taking a step forward to the shower and turning on the shower by halve, water soon dropping towards my small body."Sigh..."I was currently t
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How Did We Come To This 2
'How did it come to this?...'Currently, Alicia and I was trapped in a iron cage together. Also, from the looks of it, she's still regretting what just happened earlier.Like her, I'm also criticizing my idiotic self for letting her ran of after that.'I'm such an idiot. Just because the novel said that the kidnapping scene of Alicia will happen tomorrow, I didn't bother making any plan B or sort of.' I clenched my fist and covered my face with my arms, proceeding to turn my head back to where Alicia's direction.From this day on, I learned the importance of having backup plans... In a hard way."Hahaha, boss, we caught ourselves some pretty good money."One of the guys spoke."Good job, boys!" Their boss spoke up, as he lowered his head to see both of our faces. "From the looks of it, these kids is probably from a noble family. They're family will probably give us fortune if we blackmailed them. Hahaha!"While the bald bandit leader was explaining how much we'll both cost if sold
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Finally... It's Time
"Hey baldy!"I raised my voice.The bandit leader noticed me, and furrowed his brow upon seeing my grin. Alicia was also startled after she heard me."Athan, what are-"Cutting her mid-sentence, I gestured my hands to stop her."Don't worry," I reassured. "I promise that I'll take you back home safely."Alicia opened her mouth to speak but, no words came out. As she instead nodded to my words in reply."Huhu, you want me to beat you brat?"The bandit leader expression became serious."Boss, I think we should teach this kid about the importance of having a good manner."Hearing his remark, I laughed."Hahaha. Good manners?... How can you teach me that if you guys can't even teach yourselves it's meaning? Also, isn't that a bit ironic coming from a bandit?"Sneering, I shrugged my shoulders.Gritting his teeth in anger, the bandit walked towards my direction to open the cage from where I'm inside."I'll show you!"The bandit roared in anger.'One of them took the bait. Nice...'Next, af
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Afraid? Why? 1
The light she was emitting turned into an aura that quickly became a blue mist that covered everyone's lower half.This continued for about a minute until finally, she opened her eyes. The cold mist suddenly became ice, freezing the lower half of everyone except for me and Alicia.[Glacial Epoch]The bandits tried to move but they all failed due to their lower half being frozen. The archer above the trees wasn't affected though. Following after that, Alicia raised both of her hands up, creating a crystal with spike like ice ball above her hands.[Icicle Shot]Next, the spike from the ice ball dispatched from a high speed, hitting the chest of the bandit archers.After that, the archers that got hit started to fall due to the impact of the spike. And then, after they're body came in contact on the ground, they immediately froze like the others.Their leader tried to looked around to see if some of his men escaped from being frozen but, what came next shocked him.The ball above Alicia
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Afraid? Why? 2
Onyx, a humanoid creature that was 8 foot tall. It has long pair of arms and legs, it can also be considered like the slenderman but instead of his face being white, this creature has long sharp teeth, and has deep green eyes. While it's body was made of roots, and the cloak it wore was made from a fine leather.The Onyx was also considered as one of the myth that came originally from the real world, as this creature was also called to be one of the guardian of the forest after the Dryad.A Dryad, or you can say as the spirit that was residing within the forest was like an Onyx. But, unlike the Onyx that was relaying on it's physical body as a protection or weapon, the Dryad was more relaying on mana, whilst it's soul was residing inside one of the tree.There are ten mythology that was involved in the novel in total. From weapons, armor, creatures and even island. The Onyx is one of them so there's only nine for us to uncover.In the novel, Arthur will uncover the nine, involving the
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Two days later after the kidnapped..."Huaa...."Stretching my arms, I got up from my bed and quickly went to the bathroom.-ShiiiTaking a step forward to the shower and turning on the shower by halve, water soon started dropping towards my body.Taking a shampoo that was resting to the right side of the shower room, I began washing hair.As I was showering, I couldn't help but remember the things that happened after Alicia and I saw the Onyx."Just what the hell did that Onyx was doing in the forest anyway?"I couldn't help but be curious on the Onyx because in the novel, Arthur met the same Onyx Alicia and I, seen after the goddess of creation, Thesis, spoke to him to ask for his help.On how I know it was the same Onyx Arthur will have to meet in the future, it was because the novel also mentioned the Onyx features.{The humanoid creature in front of Arthur was for about 8 foot tall. It also has long and thin pair of arms and legs. The creature's facial features has long sharp tee
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