Emperor and magic

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Emperor and magic

By: Royal writer Ongoing

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***** Wall Of Tempest Dawn 1, Participants 551 2 death found, 5 seconds ago [Ghou Fe Ling] Nō of kill – 0 [Fire magic] Request to quit, Yes/No [Tap one] [0/65 quit] [Blink once to close] [Blink twice to open] ***** Just when Ghou Fe Ling thinks his place as the next emperor of the empire was secure, he is overpowered by a young lady who in the process, kills his supposed best friend. But with the beginning of her reigns comes a world of chaos that threatens the remains of the Ling Empire. Then comes the existence of Dragons and a single Tiamat, that makes it mission into releasing the lord of the Infernal, the second name of Hell. Read this book if you like : Dnd monsters, Anime, China based stories, lots of twists, hard-system fantasy, and many more. (Image for book cover not mine)


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Chapter 1 - Ling's War (1)
Chapter 1 – Ling’s war (1) Ghou Fe Ling walked across the dirty and old pathway of the street, the atmosphere was noisy due to the sound of the people who paraded the street, the multiple crying and screaming of children were unbearable and disgusting to his ears but what could he do, he was just a common man who also paraded the street and not any noble or a man of high standard. Though he was once the son of the number one adventurer in the town, Fe Mia, his mother and Fe Chan Ji, his father, unfortunately reality faced them with a violent kill by one of the forest monsters which split all parts of their body into pieces that it could not be presentable for confirmation, this were the explanations of the Emperor Ling Yo Fhen, he claimed all the silver and gold of the couples without lending any to him, the Emperor even informed him about the artefact his parents left for him but yet refused to present it. Emperor Ling Yo Fhen the eight, first and only son of the for
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Chapter 2 - Ling's War (2)
Chapter 2 – Ling’s war (2) The Ling’s war is one of the most recognized and special custom that the ‘Ling Empire’ ever had, it is an event done after the death of the Emperor or Empress if he or she had no heir, it is also consider as many name referred to as ‘Death of Ling’, ‘Battle of death’ and many others since it was placed on one theme, all the people in the empire who goes by the name ‘Ling’ are sent into a deceased world to fight themselves until the last man or woman standing.“Eh, I didn’t know about any of this until now,” Ghou Ling worst moment had suddenly befallen, the Ling war, he dreaded it since it involved killing the other competitors until he was the last but it was a difficult task since it involved people he knows such as Funji and some other people who he couldn’t harm due to his relationship with them. And for Ghou Ling’s ability it was a regular fire magic which he inherited from his late father. Before the birth of his dad, fire magic was not r
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Chapter 3 - Ling's War (3)
Chapter 3 – Ling’s war (3) Ding Dong! Ghou Ling jerked off his sleep hearing the bell of the door, his eyes were still heavy and lazy.Who is disturbing me in this early morning! Ghou Ling thought in his head still lying on his bed wearing a black pajama, his hair were all untidy since he was one who always had rough sleeps. Once again he heard the door-bell and immediately began to protest against who disturbed his sleep in this early dawn, just then it struck him that this was a new dawn, the day the Ling’s war was to take place.He narrowed his eyes in resentment and hurriedly got up from his bed, he rushed out of the bedroom into the parlor and immediately opened the door.“Eh, you’re still dressed in this.” Funji Ling Dou barged into the house while Xia followed him“Hurry and take a bath Ghou, you and my brother don’t have all Dawn.” Xia Dou’s tired and soft voice muttered, she rushed to a small sofa at the side of the room and sat on it, she made a soft sigh wiping t
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Chapter 4 - Ling's War (4)
Chapter 4 – Ling’s war (4) Fire vein! Multiple fiery and long thin ropes instantly sprouted out from the ground and continuously began to whip the rocks into pieces“Do you even know who I am you stupid brat.” The girl shouted in anger seeing her rocks being shattered continuously“Well, I know you are not fit to be an empress.” Ghou Ling replied instantly standing gallantly on the ground letting the veins to do their work. Though, he was surprised to notice that he had no sigh of exhaustion from this skill since it was a mana eater but he didn’t have time to think about this.“Erg, you-” She shouted in frustration and swung her hands upward Crack! Ghou Ling looked below him to see that the ground was gradually breaking down, just like an earthquake but only in his standing position, he jumped away from the surface in the last second and the earth collapsed“Okay, I’ve played enough.” Ghou Ling muttered tightening his fist, the veins had already destroyed all the approac
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Chapter 5 - Empire Wall
Chapter 5 – Empire wall Ghou Fe Ling sat on the small couch in his room, he raised his head unto the ceiling with a face filled with disappointment and guilt, his eyes got wet recalling the memory of how Funji fell into the furnace while he stood, watching the whole scene without doing anything to help.How is Xia and Peng going to feel after discovering the news, especially Xia who is the youngest, how am I going to explain to them how he died, or-or I should not even tell them if I -. Ghou Ling’s got interrupted from his thought as his eyes caught the door as it flung open“Ghou, how could you allow our brother die in your watch.” Pengfei Dou’s broken voice yelled in the room while his eyes suddenly began to drop its tears. Behind him was Xia whose eyes were bloody red with thin veins visible on her eyeballs, tears were falling freely from her eyes while catarrh gathered under her nose Wait, is this how they walked to my home! Ghou’s eyebrows knitted unconsciously as he
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Chapter 6 - Empire Wall Guard
Chapter 6 – Empire wall guard Kiara stood up from the chair and began to walk to and fro in the room, Ghou watched her quietly thinking hard of the request. Kiara finally stopped walking and rested her hand on the jewelry table of her room staring into the clean mirror which hanged on the wall“And you should know that you are not going alone, I sent for three more powerful people I met in the war and I am expecting them any time soon.”“Wait, did you just mention powerful people, w-wait did you ever had a match with me to know if I’m powerful or not.” Ghou Ling asked with a grin“Soo, are you going to work as a guard, I already made uniforms and special weapons.” Hearing the word ‘weapon’ from Kiara reminded Ghou of the artefact that was supposed to be given to him from his parents“Yes, I would fulfil your request but, umm, I wanted to ask if you have any artefact with you.”“What artefact is that, cause my under-croft is totally empty.” Kiara chuckled, she turned around an
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Chapter 7 - Assigned
Chapter 7 – Assigned The next Dawn came along easily, Ghou jumped off his bed and freshened up. After a long time, Ghou was fully dressed up with the uniform and ready to leave, he immediately stepped out of the house with his hairs packed upward and instantly closed the door.....“Ah, Ghou always the first to arrive.” Kiara praised sipping a cup of tea while sitting on her majestic bed, staring at Ghou who sat on an armchair with a smiling face“Hehe, it’s actually isn’t my-” Knock! Knock! A loud knock interrupted Ghou and the next thing was the door pushed open allowing Cheng, Ying and Silas to enter the room.“How do you guys always walk in together.” Ghou brows knitted upon seeing the three of them, this was two times that something similar to this happened and it looked all suspicious“What if the three of us are neighbors.” Cheng instantly replied with narrow eyes“Well, when last I checked you lived in the streets pickpocketing for a living.” Ghou retorted eyeing C
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Chapter 8 - Beasts And Monsters
Chapter 8 – Beasts and monsters Ghou immediately turned his head backward to see a large gray shark which was diving vastly toward him“Heaven’s flame.” Ghou muttered and instantly jumped to the opposite direction successfully dodging the attack of the shark which had its rough spiky teeth to the ground. The shark began to flap it claw-like tails realizing that it was stuck.“Ahh, my goodness.” Ghou instantly stood up from the ground and ran to the other guards who were shivering at the sight. “That’s a diseased shark right.” The guards tilted their head toward Ghou and nodded, the shark violently began to twine it head from the ground and successfully removed it therefore landing on the ground creating a loud thud, it body began to jump up and down on the sand to the water where it zoomed off“Oh, okay then, I’ll just stand here and wait.”“I do not think there is any time to wait, look.” One of the guards pointed toward the sea were an army of strange alligators swam vastly
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Chapter 9 - Death And Vessel
Chapter 9 – Death and Vessel Silas turned his head back to the bear which was running in a fast pace toward him, he lifted his hand to the air realizing that the bear was too close for him to attack. The bear instantly lifted into the air making it impossible for it to advance any further. Silas pressed him palm into a ball while the bear movable joints bent into strange positions with loud cracking sound, he stood up from the ground with his hand still fixed in the air while making a direct eye contact with the bear. Silas instantly spread out his hand like he was calling for a hug while the bear widened it body with a loud roar.Silas brows fuzzed with narrow eyes, he raised his hand further into the air and with a sudden movement began to swing it from the left to right. Meanwhile, the bear began to bang recklessly on the sand which sudden got red of blood. He heaved a sigh of relief and finally released his hand leaving the bear to crash on the ground. Silas who wa
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Chapter 10 - Discovery
Chapter 10 – Discovery “No, look behind you.” Xia, who reluctantly looked behind was instantly stunned to see Peng standing on the ground with a face plastered with confusion “Bro….. Brother Peng.” Xia jumped on her feet as she ran to Pengfei pulling him into an embrace “I thought I’d lost you.” Xia’s voice shivered as she tried to stop herself from crying “No….. No, I… I will never leave you.” Pengfei voice was completely blur as he tried to understand the paranormal activity that happened “Ghou?, what… what’s this, why am I here.” He instantly pulled out of the embrace and sat on the damaged chair of the room trying to recall what had happened before his death, especially how and why he could find himself in Ghou’s home “Ehn.. Emm… you and Xia came to my doorstep pleading for my forgiveness…..” “Forgiveness, for what.” Pengfei jumped up from the chair with a facing drowned in awe “Pleading?, why were we pleading.” “Ehn, but
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