DEAD ERA- Afterworld

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DEAD ERA- Afterworld

By: D.twister Ongoing

Language: English

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DEAD ERA a apocalypse Fantasy horror world, where different characters try to stay alive and survive from the attacks of all zombies even as the dead creature evolve into something stronger. With the entire human civilization collapsed, the survivors must seek out to other survivors to form or join the group creating their laws which leads to conflict between each survivor groups leaving only one to survive the apocalypse....


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Chapter 1
The world isn't what it used to be, the happiness, joy, and optimism that had once filled every corner of the earth are long gone, and the people no longer live as they did before.It's a different day.A new era. A new era where the dead roam and blood flow with souls all trapped inside the darkness of the world, it's a new era where the dead only rule, a new beginning where everything is ruled by death onlyThey call this ‘Death Age’, but many people prefer the term “Dead Era”. A car drove into the scene into the lonely, quiet street covered in blood. As it parked beside the traffic pole. The car was covered in blood and broken glass, and there were bullet holes littered throughout the entire vehicle. A bearded man alighted from the car with a gun in his hostler tied around his lap, as he unzipped peeing on the pole. “You know what's great about a zombie Apocalypse?” he started as he zipped up his pants, “You get to kill everyone you hate without them knowing who did i
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Chapter 2
“ let's get somewhere safe before zombies feed on our brains .”As the car came to a screeching stop, the three occupants leaped out and quickly ran to the house.Once inside the house, the man checked around and sighed in relief. There were no signs of undead activity and no blood stains on the floors. It was as if nothing even happened during the apocalypse."Do you have food?" the man asked while checking the fridge."There should be more in the cupboard."He grabbed a box of granola."Anything else?""Just the cereal and milk in here."Bali took a seat at the table and watched the strange man. He seemed so relaxed compared to the way he treated Bali before they entered the house. It reminded him of home…well, not home in that sense, but somewhere he knew from memories and things.Bali remembered a time when his father would bring home a box of cereal, milk, and some eggs each morning. He loved cooking and baking. It was his passion.His parents would sit in the kitch
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Chapter 3
“Wake up guys, we need to get going,” the stranger said kicking Levi as Bali stood up from the couch. Levi sat up rubbing his sore neck, while Bali walked to the stairs yawning."Come on Bali!" the stranger yelled as he waited for him to come down the stairs. "Coming," he mumbled as he walked up the stairs."Are you ready?" the stranger asked excitedly."Yeah, whatever," Levi replied tiredly. The younger man glanced back at Bali, noticing the dark circles under his eyes, "You look tired," he commented.‘Well maybe if you weren’t a complete bastard for not allowing me to sleep…’ Bali thought glaring back at him.The pair headed out, stopping by the front of Levi’s truck. The stranger brought out a giant chest from the truck . When he opened it, he grabbed two AKs and a box full of grenades, “Take any gun, because we are going to need it” he said passing both shotguns to Levi. “Also grab some ammo.”Levi took all the weapons handing a few pistols to Bali who nodded in reply
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Chapter 4
Immediately a loud footstep echoed around the streets, leaving everyone speechless. “What is that?” Bali asked looking as the footsteps came closer.“Probably not our friends,” the stranger said calmly as he looked at Bali, his hand coming down to grip the revolver he wore strapped underneath his shirt.“Maybe those are infected,” Levi said, looking around the room with apprehension,“Let’s hope so,” the stranger said reaching for the gun under his shirt, but Bali smacked his hand away.“Don’t touch it,” Bali whispered fiercely.“If they are infected,” the stranger argued, “Then we’re screwed, we won’t be able to protect ourselves. If they attack us, we could die”“You can’t tell me you aren’t afraid!” Bali countered, glaring at the man.“Of course I am,” the stranger said, looking down at his hands. “If I have learned one thing, it’s that fear gets you nothing”Bali narrowed his eyes as he stood up from his seat, “Well it sure would give your enemies something to fight for. Why can
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Chapter 5
The stranger opened his eyes to see himself laying on the bed in a hotel, with Levi and Bali sitting beside him as they talked quietly, though his hearing wasn't working as well as before.“Hey, you're awake! How do you feel?” Bali asked, concern clear in his voice?“I... think, I'll live,” the stranger replied with a smile, reaching for the glass of water beside him and sipping from it.His friends smiled, relief clear in their faces as Bali spoke, “That's great”Suddenly he gasped, his vision blurred as he tried to focus. The world spun around him before going dark again.Once the room had regained its stillness a sudden noise interrupted the peace. Bali jumped from his seat, staring wide-eyed.“Is the door locked?”“I think so?” Bali replied uncertainly.The stranger frowned deeply before getting up and heading over to the window, pressing his ear against it. Bali watched in confusion as the stranger pushed the window open. He looked outside, trying to figure out what the noises we
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Chapter 6
14 HRS, 5 MINS LEFT The truck arrived before clem city to see everywhere filled with zombies all trying to force their way through the huge tall-built wall. As the truck pulled to a stop, the others got out of the vehicle, stretching their arms and legs before starting to prepare the vehicle.Bali approached Andrew, “Are you sure we are gonna make it?” “let's pray so” Andrew replied as he helped Bali attach the fuel container to the side of the truck.“So how many have there been so far?” Bali asked curiously.“I couldn't count” replied AndrewAs if on cue a loud crash echoed through the air. Bali looked up to see one of the towers collapse. A few seconds later an earth-shattering roar was heard. “Oh, God! What does that sound like? What is happening?” Bali cried panicked?“There isn't much time to explain, follow me! We need to find shelter before the horde gets here!” Andrew yelled back. As Bali nodded and grabbed his backpack, the stranger climbed aboard the truck and s
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Chapter 7
A man dressed in military wear, as was followed by soldiers behind him. “How dare you put everyone's life in danger?” the commander said at the stranger “You talk about putting everyone's life at risk when there is a child and his father's life in danger” the stranger responded “Don't test me” the commander growled“Listen here, I don't care who or where you are from, my job here is to ensure no innocents are harmed because of you.” he paused taking a breath.The commander sighed, “Do you understand that our only concern is survival?” he asked“You mean other than surviving for your own sake,” the stranger retorted as he glanced at the other soldiers. “Arrest them all” the commander ordered the soldiers who handcuffed Jake, the stranger, Levi, Bali, and Jonathan before pulling them along with him as he led the way to the station. “We will hold them all as hostages until we figure out how to take down the monsters” he added Commander entered the base as he was wel
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Chapter 8
They were taken to a room filled with countless guns and ammo of all kinds and sizes. They all began to set up their gear, getting ready for the mission as the commander waited impatiently near the door watching them carefullyFinally, after five minutes the commander turned to face the group.“Any questions?” he asked as they all shook their heads no“Good, now let's get going. Remember your objective is to bring the antidote back to the compound and rescue everyone from being eaten alive!”As the group exited the room and went to the hallways they began to head to the exit but the commander stopped them before he left.“Hey, wait, I'll go with you,” he said as he turned to look at his crew. “Someone is going to stay to watch over these idiots and make sure they don't do anything stupid”Everyone nodded their consent as they started to walk away A chopper landed on the field, controlled by two pilots, “Here is our ride, right?” Bali asked the commander who nodded to his question
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Chapter 9
Immediately the soldiers sighted horror creatures standing upside down on the ceiling and walls, ready to attack“Get back! Everyone!” the commander screamed as he raised his weaponOne of the creatures fell and crashed right in front of the commander. Immediately one of the soldiers started shooting it in the face and screaming “GET BACK! GET BACK!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!”As they started to push themselves backward to escape, a small explosion sent them crashing to the ground.The room became completely silent; everything seemed to go still and still, and even the creature stopped moving. Everyone remained frozen staring at the bodies on the ground. Suddenly one of the monsters roared before launching itself toward the commanderBali grabbed Paul and pulled him out of the room, slamming the doors closed. Once the door was shut, Bali turned around to look at his friend, who was still shaking“Dude? Are you okay?” he questioned, worriedly“Yeah, yeah I’m okay, it's just, I d
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Chapter 10
Jake grabbed a heavy table lifting it with his super strength towards the entrance to block the entrance of the horde. They managed to slow down the horde enough for everyone to make their escape. However, the horde followed them closely; it had to reach its prey if it wanted to eat its fill.When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the whole group turned around to face the hoard which had begun to surround them. There was no way to continue the fight now, they were surrounded. The commander ran in between the two groups; desperately firing every round of ammunition, hoping to stop the zombies as much as possible, and hopefully, buy them enough time to escape.“Go, find the Antidote. I will take care of this place” Commander instructed, as everyone dispersed. The stranger, Bali, Levi, Jake, and Paul with some other soldiers headed inner, into the facility leaving the commander behind. “The lab is somewhere close to here, follow me!” Paul said looking at the radar given to al
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