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By: South Ashan Ongoing

Language: English

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Johnathan Cross, an average high school senior gets treated worse than trash by his rich peers and teachers. On the day everyone is getting the greatest news of their lives, Johnathan gets informed that he only has 3 months to live. Johnathan’s life is over but a single wish changes his life forever.


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It was a normal afternoon at Primrose High school and running through the top floor was a student who just burst into class 6-A, waving the screen of his phone in front of everyone and yelling…"The admission letters have been sent and I got into Wellstone College, what about you guys?!"The teacher turned around angrily, and yelled with spit flying out his mouth "Hey, don't you see that I'm teaching right—"However, the other students didn't allow the teacher to finish as they all rushed to grab their phones and started to check their emails, hopeful for good news."I got in! I got into High Rise University!" yelled a student, standing on his desk and pumping his fists into the air."Me too! I got into Stellar Prep Academy!""Fuck, I didn't get into Wellstone College but I still got into First Tech University, nice!""Hurry and check yours too, what college did you get into?!"All the students yelled at the top of their lungs in celebration and after they all finished checking, they
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"Who the hell is that?!" "Who thinks they can come in like this without being invited?!"The other students in Molly's room mumbled amongst themselves after Johnathan interrupted them and they stopped what they were doing to focus on him.When they all realized that it was him, their faces quickly changed to that of disgust."Look who is it""What is the human trash doing here?""Hey, idiot, what do you think you're doing interrupting our fun for, huh?!" They all sneered at Johnathan as they separated and went to find their clothes to wear and cover themselves up. Johnathan had killed their mood and the girls didn't want to continue with him there.While everyone wore their clothes, something drew their attention which put smiles and laughs on their faces.What they found amusing was that although they had stopped, Molly and Bradly were still going at it like nothing was happening. They were enjoying themselves too much to care.Johnathan who could see that everyone else at least ha
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