The Rise of James Winslow

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The Rise of James Winslow

By: Michael Chi Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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James was very poor and had no job but he had manage to save $1500 from the monthly allowance of $200 Alice gives him every month so he could buy the cake to make their day special. Darren snatched the cake from James' hands "This cheap piece of cake? a meal in this restaurant costs at least $10,000 and you think you can impress Alice with this?" Darren smashed the cake into James face. Everyone let out a wide gasp and they burst into laughter. James, with cake clinging to his face, stood there humiliated and defeated. James was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity was the heir of the Winslow Empire. He vowed that one day all his enemies will kneel and bow down to him!

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James clenched the cake in his hands as he finally got to the Cherry Garden, a five-story building with glass walls, the building was very luxurious and imposing, everything about Cherry Garden screamed wealth and James felt intimidated by the opulence of the building."I must stop Darren before he pops the question that will ruin my marriage" James muttered to himself as he hurried to the entrance door, marked by grand steel double doors, two bulky men with terrifying faces stood by the door, they were gawking at him but did not prevent him from entering the restaurant.The atmosphere in the Cherry Garden was filled with romance as Darren went on one knee "Will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you marry me?" Darren said locking his eyes with Alice, Alice's heart fluttered with excitement, James could not remember the last time he saw her this happy since they got married. Melissa, James' mother-in-law had sent him to the market to buy some vegetables to cook later that night
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The humiliating incident at Cherry Garden was the talk of the town.Images and videos circulated on every platform, capturing the moment Darren smashed the cake into James' face. Hashtags like #CakeFace and #CherryGardenDrama began trending.Local news outlets picked up the story, discussing the shocking events that unfolded at Cherry Garden. The district's residents had different opinions, Shockingly very few sympathized with James and most people condemned James for ruining what could have been a perfect proposal."Good evening ma" James greeted Melissa, Alice's mother who was sitting on the couch with a wine glass in her hand. "Keep your stupid greeting to yourself...Where are you coming from?" Melissa asked James as he closed the door behind him. Melissa had witnessed the whole saga at Cherry Garden online, she was the one who encouraged Alice to go on a date with Darren. James stood there motionless aside struggling to open his mouth due to the injuries he sustained, he had no
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James had managed to fall asleep last night, he was doing the dishes in the morning when his phone rang."Who could be calling me this early morning?" James muttered to himself as he hurriedly dried his hands, he brought out his phone from his pocket and as he answered the call."Hello?"The person on the other line answered"Hello it's this James Winslow?"a wave of anxiety washed over James as he replied"Yes, who am I speaking with" "This is Nurse Sharon from St. Mary's Hospital," the voice on the other end of the line said. "I'm calling to inform you that Matron has been admitted to the hospital, She was lying helpless on the floor at home, and her neighbors rushed her to the hospital"James was raised in an orphanage by his Matron, Maureen, she was a kind woman with a big heart and James cherished her so much, he saw her as his mother, she always loved and supported James, She taught James how to walk, saw him through school and had always celebrated his successes and comforted hi
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Everyone stared at James with bewilderment and surprise, they all despised James and had tried numerous times to get rid of him but James remained indifferent to ridicule and insults. Patriarch Alberto threw the glass in his hand and it shattered on the floor, Alberto scowled at James, he couldn't contain his anger. "You shameless Bastard! How dare you interrupt my birthday celebration with your pitiful request?" Melissa was very furious at James, but despite her warning, James still proceeded to embarrass her, in an attempt to salvage the situation Melissa hurried forward lowering her gaze, "Patriarch Alberto please forgive James, he's not in his right senses." Melissa pulled James to sit down but he did not move, he was usually the quiet son-in-law but today he had only one goal in mind- to save his Matron and nothing anyone said or did mattered to him. At this moment Zoey, Alice's cousin sneered in disdain "Alice, look at the piece of trash you call your husband...Not only did
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James rushed back home with his heart pounding. He banged on the door, demanding to see Melissa. After a moment, Seth, Alice's older brother opened the door halfway, preventing James from entering the house. Seth's eyes narrowed as he glared at James. "What in the world do you think you're doing back here?" "Seth, please I need to talk to Melissa. It's about the money for Maureen's surgery." Seth scoffed at James, "You've got some nerve coming back here. Whatever your problems are, they're not our concern." "Seth, Melissa tricked me. She didn't transfer the money. Maureen's life is at stake. I just need to talk to her" Seth's nostrils flared with anger as he scowled at James, "Are you calling my mother a liar?" "Of course not..." James spotted Melissa from behind the gate and immediately called out to her "Melissa! We need to talk!" Melissa glared at James with a cold expression and turned to Seth. "Close the gate immediately! Don't let that miserable beggar into this house" S
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"Are you sure you don't have the wrong person? " James questioned with scepticism. He was completely puzzled as to why a wealthy person would act so respectful towards him and address him young master Winslow "Of course not young master Winslow" the man answered with a tone of certainty. He had been in search of James for a very long time and there was no way he was mistaken."Let me introduce myself properly" Brian adjusted his suit "My name is Brian Mariano, the current butler of the Winslow family, my father Ethan Mariano, who was your late father's butler and best friend...""Wait wait wait...My father?" James interrupted him before he could continue.James grew up in the orphanage, he never cared about who is parents were before, he was too focused on his part time jobs to care about what he thought was trivial things.Brian nodded "Yes, your father, Charles Winslow, he was the head of the Winslow Group"James eyes widened at the mention of the Winslow group, The Winslow Group i
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Brian looked at James waiting for a confirmation to speak but James spoke instead "Ohhh this is my old friend, Brian... I saw him on my way to the hospital"Maureen's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, she knew all of James's friends, not like he had many, she wondered how come she had never met Brian, and from his suit, she could tell she was very wealthy.Brian played along smoothly, giving a warm smile, "Yes, just a chance encounter. I ran into him and decided to follow him to the hospital to see if you're okay"Maureen nodded slowly, still a bit unsure.The hospital room's door swung open, and the Doctor entered with a reassuring smile."Good news, Maureen," he announced. "You've recovered remarkably well. Considering the circumstances, we'll be discharging you shortly. Just follow the prescribed post-surgery care and you should be back on your feet in no time."James and Maureen exchanged subtle glances."Thank you very much doctor" James replied."Don't thank me, you should be than
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News of the new Head of the Winslow Group spread like wildfire throughout the whole district, generating curiosity and speculation among the residents. Whispers echoed through the streets, in salons and boutiques. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions and debates, as people were eager to know the mysterious figure who now controlled the most powerful empire in the south district. James woke up after a long refreshing sleep. The morning sunlight streamed through the large windows, brightening up his bedroom with luxurious furnishings. As James stretched and yawned, he recalled everything that had happened yesterday from not being able to afford even $1 to becoming the owner of several companies in the world. It was unbelievable. James rose from the bed to take his bath, he took a long time to shower washing away the last stain of poverty. James wore his clothes and as he exited his room, he could smell the aroma of delicious food, he followed the scent of the food to find Ma
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Darren and Alice were also as shocked as James, they did not expect to run into James in a place like this.Darren had taken Alice out to spoil her with expensive gifts, he had already bought them and planned to buy a few more outfits before they went home. The shock on Darren's face slowly morphed into anger.Alice became instantly irritated at the sight of her ex-husband.Darren was brimming with anger, and so was James he had not forgotten how he humiliated him, he felt like pouncing on Darren again and teaching him a big lesson but he restrained himself, the bulky security at the entrance would definitely throw him out, besides he bumped into them first, Maureen raised him to apologize whenever he was wrong."What the hell are you doing here?" Alice asked her voice laced with anger.James felt a sharp pain in his chest when he heard the tone at which Alice questioned him, he did not expect Alice to still resent him after he sent her the Tanzanite Heels, but he had forgotten to ask
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"How would you be paying sir? Cash or transfer?" The sales lady asked James.James thought for a minute and decided to pay by card"I will be paying by card" James answered.He brought out his black premium card and handed it over to the sales lady, everyone watched as the sales lady took the black card from James with great anticipation.The sales lady swiped the card across the machine, and everyone waited for the light scanner on the machine to turn green, signaling that James could indeed pay for the outfits.Everyone was disappointed when the light on the machine turned red which could only mean one thing.The transaction declinedDarren and Alice burst into laughter when they heard the beeping sound of the machine as it turned red. It turned out they were right all along, James didn't have any money he was just posing as a rich man. James could never afford clothes worth $650,000.The sales lady wore a sad and disappointed look, she had believed that James could afford the outfit
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