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The only son-in-law of a billionaire family gets banished into an old unused cottage after his wife brings another man she likes into the house. Alone and heart torn by his wife and in-laws, Carlos rots in this place for weeks; however, in his last moments, something bites him. When he regains his consciousness, he looks more healthy and handsome than he ever did. With renewed vigor and a hardened heart, he sets out to teach his wife and her wicked family a cold-blooded lesson!



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The Myers clothing brand was one of most popular brands in the world. The members of the Myers family were also well-respected because of their philanthropic works. Even the minister and the governor would give appointments to Gregory, their family head. They weren’t the type to have the best seats in the theater but would reserve the whole theater itself if they decided to watch a movie outside, even though they had a home theater. Such was the stature the Myers enjoyed.With Myers brand worth over 20 billion dollars, it was only natural for the family members to have millions sitting in each of their bank accounts. Well, all except one. They treated every other family member well, except for one, their one-and-only son-in-law, Carlos Wallace.The reason for treating him so poorly was because during a nation-wide fashion event, his whole family was invited to grace the stage. As he and his family of in-laws were on their way, he unintentionally ended up stepping on top of his mother-
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In the 600-acre Myers mansion.There was a celebration going on because the movie Sofia Myers, Gregory’s eldest daughter, was part of had been released recently and became a box office hit. She got recognition for her role as the woman who got oppressed by her boss on one side and her boyfriend on the other side.She used to be a decently successful writer before that, but her acting skills were highly praised by the critics as well as the audiences in her first appearance as an actor.The whole of the Myers family was overjoyed at this.She was fed pieces of cake by her parents and her live-in lover Andres.Sofia was a beauty with bountiful proportions any man would love seeing in a woman. Andres was a perfect package: tall, sturdy, hairy, and handsome. They looked good together was what they believed.“I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” Sofia's eyes turned teary from happiness.“Hard work always pays off,” Gregory, her father, patted her shoulder. He was proud of her achiev
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A man with a messy look, Carlos, entered the hair saloon and received many weird glances. Their movements, be it of their eyelids or their fingers, looked to be in slow motion in his eyes.“Hey, this place ain’t for beggars!” one of the workers there tried to push him out, but he took out a hundred dollar bill. “S-Sorry, sir. Please take your seat.” the worker’s behavior took a U-turn. “What type of haircut and shave do you want?”“As clean and simple as possible.”In a few minutes, the job was done. The workers and other customers were surprised by how differently he looked now. Though he had a thin scar running diagonally at the corner of his left eye, his overall appearance was quite manly. He looked rather thin as if he was on extreme diet, but his deep brow-ridge, his intense gaze, and his thick jaw, everything about his mein screamed manliness.He didn’t care about the change in the impression the others were having of him. He walked out of the saloon and looked around with a sl
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“I wasn’t expecting to win this much, but my senses have been super-sharp lately,” Carlos was laughing as he walked out of the casino. In his bag, there were 30,000 dollars which he earned from whatever was left after the haircut and internet charges out of the 30 dollars he forcibly took from the beggar. Because he played poker and the amount totaled hundreds of times more than his bet, he didn’t even need to pay the tax. He could have played more, but he didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention.He bought a second-hand toyota and roamed throughout the city for days, looking for the customers for his business.“You want to deliver groceries to my home?” an old woman asked him, standing at the doorstep. “But I don’t even know you. What’s the guarantee that you’re not going to bring products from cheap stores? There are so many fakes being produced these days. The eggs I bought the other day were all rotten, and the store owner didn’t even pay my money back!”“I assure you, such th
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A brand new Myers’ luxurious clothing store was being inaugurated by the rising star Sofia Myers. Her live-in lover also accompanied her.Hundreds thronged at the entrance just to see Sofia and to get autographs and selfies. She didn’t give a single autograph or take any selfie until she opened the showroom.She then stated, “I’ll take selfies with those who buy at least one product from this store.”Those words were like fuel thrown in fire. Almost everyone rushed into the store and looked for anything they could buy.Andres was impressed with Sofia. “You really know how to sell stuff.”“Fufu,” she snorted arrogantly. “Look at them fighting like monkeys to buy things from the store. Fans like them are one of the reasons I became an actress. I only need to do a little bit of good now and then, and they’ll take care of the rest.”The two of them could hear people not only talking about Sofia but also her father. Hearing praises from them only swelled Sofia’s pride some more.“Your fath
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Andres used the security camera footage to look for the blonde man’s identity on the internet. He didn’t search it for himself but made a worker do it.And the female worker wearing glasses was shocked by the search results. “SFF Charles!”“What?” Andres didn’t like the tone of the worker. “Who is he?”“Straight-fucking-flash Charles, sir!” the worker seemed quite shocked. “This guy got an undefeated record at poker. He pulls out straight flushes half the time and utterly thrashes everyone at the table. Whenever he played, nobody has pulled out a Royal Flush. Never. Not once. Only straight flushes are possible, and that’s also only by him, which is why he’s got the infamous name! Many casinos had already banned this guy from entering!”“He’s a gambler?”“He was. After he got banned by most casinos, he began entering official tournaments, unofficial gaming series and charity events. Do you remember the billionaire Bisconsley’s charity event that happened last month? This guy went and e
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Only the important guests were invited to the birthday party of Caroline Bisconsley, the wife of the late Benedict Bisconsley who loved her wife so much he gave his entire property to her. Naturally, all of her children and relatives now very much sucked up to her at every possible moment.While Caroline greeted everyone equally, her eyes caught sight of two handsome men in the crowd. She showed them to her granddaughter, Laurel, from a distance.“The orange-haired one is Marlon Myers. The only son of Gregory Myers,” Caroline said. “From what I know, he’s definitely going to inherit at least half of Myers’ assets.”“He’s good-looking, for sure,” Laurel said and glanced at the second man. “What about the other guy?”“Ah, he’s more of a rogue with a vague background. Don’t know if it’s his real name or not, but he calls himself Charles Wallace. He’s a gambler who’s got hundreds of millions sitting in his bank.”“Charles Wallace?” Laurel was a little surprised. “Isn’t he the one who won
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“Why did you stop me?” Laurel’s tone was serious, and her gaze was piercing sharp.“She apologized, didn’t she?” Charles’ sent daggers back at her.“That’s…” Laurel bit her lower lip for a second before yanking her hand out of his grip. She coldly peered at Narika and said, “Watch where you’re going, woman, or what’s the use of having eyes?” Saying that, she hurried upstairs to get her dress changed.Charles turned and looked at Narika. Their eyes briefly met, and she turned around and hurriedly left.“Not even a thanks, huh…” Charles muttered under his breath. “Not that I expected it, but… she does look a lot different in short hair. Sofia’s shy sister. She’s become quite lean as well. I almost couldn’t recognize her.”Meanwhile, Laurel was changing her dress in her room.“No man has ever caught my hand like that before…” she kept talking to herself. “Who does he think he is?”“Not all men fear rich women,” her grandmother entered the room with a grin etched on her face. “Your grandf
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Charles just won another poker competition and pocketed 3.5 million dollars. The press interviewed him afterward and asked for the secret of his success.“Focus and determination. Those two things will help get results.” That was all he said.“What about luck?” a random reporter asked back.“There’s no such thing as luck,” replied Charles. “Everything in this world is ordained by God. He once stripped me of everything, and then he decided to make me sit here and talk with you guys.”“Haha, you mean you’ve become successful because God wished for it and not because of your own hard work?”“Well, I always work hard, but my effort ends with picking the next poker card on the table. I can’t control the cards every other player picks, can I? The picture I see is very little compared to what a bird in the sky can see, let alone the guy sitting up above the sky, don’t you think? So, the answer to your question is… will you live for a thousand years just because you breathe harder?”His inter
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“Sofia, can we have dinner together tonight?” “I’m not feeling like going outside, so I can’t.” “Sofia, how about lunch in your favorite restaurant tomorrow?” “I have some important work, so no.” “Sofia, do you hate me? Why do you avoid eating with me?” “I don’t hate you, Carlos. Why would I hate you, my husband? You mean the world to me.” “Then, let’s have dinner together tonight.” “That’s… I’m afraid I have a party to attend.” “Then, take me along.” “It’s a women only party, so…” Charles kept thinking back on the times he had asked his wife to spare some time for him only to get refused time and again. Now that he was wearing a new suit, tie, and face, she suddenly had the time to not only call and ask him for dinner but to also pick the dinner spot. And he didn’t find it funny. “I was innocent back then. She looked beautiful, and I took the bait. I had no idea she had a long list of ex-lovers, and she even met them after we tied the knot.” He gripped the steering wheel e
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