The Great Son-In-Law

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The Great Son-In-Law

By: mtofanura CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Lukas, a 37 year old man, was adopted as a son by a wealthy family, namely the Michael family. As an adopted son, Lukas was always treated badly. He was humiliated and treated unfairly by the Michael family. Lukas had a Romantic relationship with a woman from a very rich family named Amanda Lewis. But unfortunately, because Lukas was only an adopted child, Amanda was matched with Lukas’ adopted younger brother, Brian Michael. Not only were they in an arranged marriage, it turned out that the two of them were already in a relationship behind Lukas’ back. One night all the misery in Lukas’ life changed. Just then he was met by a man named Julian Mob. The man who was the confidant of the number one businessman in the world, Moreno Malik. It turned out that Lukas was Moreno Malik’s biological son, which meant he was the heir to the Malik Group business empire. Lukas’ world immediately changed, he secretly turned around the situation of the Michael family, which was already in quite a crisis. He made all of the Michael family assets belong to him completely.

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Tonight, the Michael family residence was very busy. All of the Michael family members were gathering for dinner. And there was one young man who sat alone. Even in a crowded room, he still felt lonely. That young man was … Lukas.“You know, our family is not in a good condition.” A man with a mustache started talking, he sat at the end. A sign that he was the head of the family. “But that won’t make us bankrupt, let alone running out of money. I’ve been looking for a way out and I’ve found it. There is only one and I’m sure everyone already knows what the solution to our problem is."The man now sipped the wine in front of him, then smiled. He looked at his wife and children with feelings of quite satisfaction.“A marriage between two families?” guessed the man who was much younger than the first man.The man with the thick mustache snapped his fingers and smiled quite broadly again.“You are my son who I can rely on the most, Brian.”Hearing that flattery, Lukas didn’t feel jealous
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Lukas seemed reluctant to do so, until suddemly Brian grabbed Lukas’ hand and gave Lukas a rag. Like it or not, Lukas cleaned up the spilled drink.“You know, Amanda and I will definitely get married.” Brian said.Lukas, who had been busy cleaning up, fell silent, then he looked at Brian, who was looking at him confidently.“Look at who you are, Lukas. Isn’t it enough for you to kneel at my feet like this to explain how far apart you are from me? Let alone from Amanda. You are just a servant, while I am your master. And Amanda is the daughter of the most influential businessman in this country. Try to look in the mirror and then step back, because what you want to achieve will never be achieved. Look at you. You are just an unemployed man who has no future, don’t embarrass Amanda by having a useless boyfriend like you.”“Amanda loves me, I think that’s better than all your chatter.” Lukas answered confidently.“Oh, really?” Brian smiled again with a grin, then he looked at Lukas again
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“What do you mean?”“Amanda and I have been in a relationship behind your back, and that relationship has been going on for the past year. So now you know the answer to everything you want to hear, right? Amanda doesn’t love you, and stop begging for love from my girlfriend.”“No, this is impossible.” Lukas was still trying to be stubborn about the facts he had just seen. “Amanda, can you explain everything to me?”“What can I explain, Lukas? Isn’t what Brian said obvious? Brian and I have been in a relationship behind your back, and we are getting married soon. So stop expecting me.”“But, aren’t we—”“We? Do you think I’m stupid for handing over my life and future to a useless man like you? You don’t have any future, Lukas. And I also can’t possibly marry a man who only has a handsome face, because your handsome face can’t afford luxury jewelry, luxury bags, and luxury clothes. Are you now satisfied and clear with my answer?”Lukas’ hands were clenched tightly into fists, he felt li
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And sure enough, not long after carrying out a DNA test at the most sophisticated hospital in the country, the results came out, and Lukas was declared as the heir of Mr. Malik.“I still can’t believe that I am actually a young master from a very rich family. How is that possible? This really is like a dream. A dream that comes true.”“Let’s go home, Lukas. I will come to the Michael family to explain everything. Saying that you are my son who has been missing, and asking them for permission to bring you back home. If necessary, I will give them some money as a gratitude, because they have taken care of you all these times. Come on, we have to finish all this quickly, Lukas.”Mr. Malik was about to ask Lukas to leave, but Lukas shook his head perfectly.“Not yet, Dad.”“What do you mean, Lukas?”Lukas got a pretty brilliant idea to make the Michael family shut up and stop insulting him. Now that Lukas was someone who could afford anything, his wealth was probably comparable to that of
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“Thank you very much, Dad. I love you!”Lukas then turned off his call, then he came out wearing a new shirt. However, it wasn’t that easy for Lukas to escape from Brian and Renata. In fact, his two step siblings really made it impossible for Lukas to go anywhere.“Wow, wow, wow… Looks like our family servant had enough guts to enter from the main door in his dirty clothes, when I told him to stay behind until the party was over. Are you deaf now, Lukas?”“Sorry, I don’t need to listen to everything you say, Brian.”“Tsk! Look, this man who feels betrayed because of his love. Your fate is truly unfortunate, I just can’t bear to see you hear the big news that our father will announce.Namely my engagement to Amanda. Or do you really want to hear it, then you will cry in the corner sobbing? Okay, I will capture that moment and I will play it every time I feel annoyed with my work.” Brian continued to mock Lukas because of this.“Don’t be too arrogant, Brian. We will never know what someo
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“What is this! I really can’t understand how things could turn out like this! The Lewis family is our only hope for getting out of the crisis the company is experiencing. If this marriage is cancelled, then where will we get through this crisis?” Mr. Michael seemed really worried. In fact, he couldn’t sleep at all because of this problem.Initially, he felt confident that he would be able to get out of the crisis and get his company back on its feet without any obstacles. But now, who would be willing to provide him with a large amount of funds to help him?“Calm down, Dad. The crisis that occurs in our family doesn’t necessarily make our family poor, right? We are still among the richest families in this country.” Brian answered so lightly.“You are an incompetent child, Brian. You can’t even just marry Amanda.”Brian then sneered, then he saw that Lukas was smiling mockingly at him.“Why are you looking at me like that, Lukas? Do you think you are better than me? A servant like you
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“Where did you steal from, Lukas? Why do you have such an expensive phone?” asked Brian at last.Lukas looked at his cellphone, then he put it in his trouser pocket. He looked at Brian with a flat gaze.“This phone is mine.” Lukas answered casually. “You guys wait, the money is already in front of the doorway.”Lukas came out, and not long after he brought several suitcases, he even took the suitcases from outside several times. He put all the suitcases inside. Lukas put one suitcase on the table, and how surprised the Michael family was to find out that what was inside all the suitcases was … money.All of the Michael family couldn’t believe it, in fact they could only put on very stupid looks. Lukas saw this and smiled with satisfaction. This was the first time he was finally able to completely shut the Michael family’s mouths.“Now do you believe me?”Mr. Michael and the others gasped, then they rubbed their faces roughly.Brian then took several bills, just to check whether the mo
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“Hello, Julian. Can I ask you a favor?”“Yes, Young Master. What can I do for you?”“Do you know that famous boutique downtown?”“Yes, I do, Young Master. What’s wrong with that boutique?”“I want you to buy that boutique and don’t let a woman named Amanda Lewis get in there.”“Yes sir.”Lukas immediately hung up his cell phone, then he left his room. He glanced at Mr. Michael who was still sitting contemplating in the living room. Of course, it seemed like there was another problem after the ten billion dollars was given by Lukas.“Is there something else bothering you, Dad? Didn’t you get ten billion dollars from me?”“There’s another problem going on, Lukas. And this is a pretty big problem.”“What is it?”“Today there are several of my business relations who have unilaterally terminated their cooperation. I don’t know what the problem is or why, it’s just that this is making our family company even worse. I need a business relationship from a large company to support our family co
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The next morning, Brian and Lukas were in front of the company owned by the Malik family. Both of them were wearing quite expensive suits. Brian glanced at Lukas who was wearing an expensive suit. Even his father bought Lukas expensive clothes now.“Look at you, as the saying goes, sewer rats will forever remain rats no matter how good the clothes he wears. Just like you who really don’t deserve to wear those clothes. Because of what? Because you’re more suited to wearing trashy clothes.”Lukas just smiled, he glanced at Brian who was very confident in winning this match.“Okay, Mr. Michael. Please fight, I hope you can make your father proud.”Lukas walked so casually into the company, while Brian had to be detained by security officers and had to make a report.Brian was quite confused, what did Lukas do so that he could easily enter the biggest company in this country?After Lukas entered, he was immediately greeted by Julian, and he was immediately taken to his father’s room.“Mr
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Mr. Michael was silent, what Renata said was actually true. If he had to be honest, Mr. Michael really didn’t like everything that was happening. Lukas had done all the impossible things in a short time, as if Lukas had a superpower to turn himself from nothing into a helper and hero in his family.“So what should I say to him? Can you tell me, Renata?”“It’s easy, Dad. Just tell Lukas that you have a favorite workshop, and you want the most useful child in our family to take care of it and you entrust it all to Lukas. I’m sure that Lukas would feel honored, setting up the workshop, and renovating it. Making the workshop run as usual also requires quite a bit of money, Dad. Let’s see how Lukas is going to get that much money to start his business, while we can live relaxed and free from Lukas’ shadow.”Mr. Michael smiled. It was indeed a great strategy to get rid of Lukas. Renata was his smartest child, and Mr. Michael can’t wait to announce this. With his company having obtained co
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