Everything Begins

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Everything Begins

By: Highpriest CompletedFantasy

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Someone screamed as the dogs outside the hall began to bark just as the young boy was about to speak.Together with the others at the table, he quickly got up, and they all looked out the hall's open door.The boy turned to face his father as several yelps and the dogs' abrupt barking stopped.With his hand on the hilt of the long knife at his waist, the village chief was slowly making his way toward the door.The boy thought Jane, his sister, had screamed, but he had no time to think any further because three Asabya, the terrifying, murderous barbarians of the plains, stormed into the room with a ferocious battle cry at the same time.The boy watched in horror as the tall men, their long, dark hair pulled back by leather thongs around their foreheads, painted black with white around their mouths and dark eyes, swung their swords, and killed everyone in his immediate vicinity.Before the chief could draw his knife, the first person in the room severed his father's head from his body. But they didn't stop there.Everyone was killed, from the tiniest infants in their mothers' arms to the elderly with gray heads who had just given the boy their blessing.The pain and blood as a sword was buried to the hilt in his chest were all he could remember when another person appeared in front of him.


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Chapter 1
In his home village of Desa, the young boy with pale skin and big blue eyes passed away on his sixth naming day.Desa was fifty leagues to the west of the Parbata Mountains, in the middle of the Kedara Plains. It was in a straight line with Torkeln, the capital city, as the raven flies.The boy, wearing a crown of woven prairie grass around his head and sitting at the head of the communal table in the dining hall, had been laughing with his friends, eating the delicious meal that his mother and sisters had prepared for everyone, and listening to his father talk about the Anmah.Although his older brother George, who was fifteen and much wiser, laughed when he said that he believed the stories of beautiful, kind, immortal beings to be true, he was still young enough to believe them.George mocked, "Everyone knows the Anmah are just a story."The tales are believed by only infants and elderly women.Everyone has a finite lifespan."George, do not say that."His father looked down at his oldes
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Chapter 2
He placed his head in his hands and sat down on the broken well.He remained steadfast in his refusal to cry, raising his head with a ferocious expression on his young face.He got up, removed his gloves from his tunic, and looked around.He saw a few things that he could use, though the village had very little left.He went around, grabbed things he thought would be useful, and stacked them in front of the dining hall.He took a sack from the wall and the thin blanket from his pallet before entering the hut he had been using.He proceeded to the items pile after putting the blanket in the sack.It included the metal plate, a knife from his father, stones from his brother's slingshot, a flint stone, a cloak from one skeleton and sandals from another.Except for the sandals, which he wore on his feet, the rest of this stuff went into the sack.He knew he had a long way to walk and didn't want to go barefoot, but they were too big.About a third of the way to its zenith, the morning sun caught h
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Chapter 3
He calmly assured them, "I will not hurt you."He adjusted the position of his sword and fastened the belt around his waist.He grabbed the boy's hands and placed them on the pommel as he reached around him.Hold on to this.Shane went on to say, "I will not let you fall, little one," as the young man held on with white-knuckled strength.Just unwind.After grabbing the reins and squeezing his thighs, he started Gorshan trotting down the road.After all, it looked like it might take three hours to get home.Shane pondered his options regarding the boy all the way to the exit that led to his house.He eventually came to the conclusion that he had to take him to Ma'ikel and Torkeln, but first he wanted to take him home, feed him, and clean him up.He might be able to talk to him in the interim.Shane had wrapped his left arm around the boy's thin waist to prevent him from falling off the horse after the boy had fallen asleep as they began their journey down the road.Shane, on the other hand, gen
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Chapter 4
As the boy took his final bite, Shane said, "You know, you can eat yourself to death unless..." He looked at the boy.Shane laughed as the boy shook his head.Unless, of course, it has already occurred.After giving a nod, the boy consumed the stew, a second slice of bread, and the third cup of milk.His stomach was bloated when he was done, but he looked a little better.Millere sat at the table and observed Shane's mother and father as they ate, but they had already gone to bed.She smiled at the boy when he finally put down his spoon and sat back in the chair."It's late, but would you like to take a shower?"Millere's heart clenched at the sight of the child in front of her as the boy nodded.She and Shane had attempted to have a child of their own for ten years, but it was not to be.She got up and extended her hand, saying, "Come on, then."She led the boy through a door into the bathing room after the boy took it.With a large kettle of boiling water, Shane followed them.Shane added th
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Chapter 5
Shane gently shook the child who was in his arms.Boy, get ready!You are in a dream!”The boy frantically looked around the room as violet eyes opened and the words stopped.The little boy's body went limp when he looked at Shane, and Shane held him close as the boy began to violently shake.Miva stated, "so he can speak."Shane replied, "It would appear so," and then picked up the boy and carried him to Millere's room, glancing over at her.The boy slept through the rest of the night without a whimper while snuggled between the two adults thanks to her sorrowful smile and nod.Shane slept very little.He caressed the boy's head unconsciously while keeping his hand on it.Shane's thoughts were racing until the sun rose and the pitch-black night turned gray.They were now very close to Torkeln.Throughout the first half of the journey, Shane had asked the boy questions and received only muted responses.It was clear that speaking was only possible while asleep."How did you die first?"The boy
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Chapter 6
"Oh, Shane, for the sake of Yisu, get up, come with us, and tell us what you are doing with this child," they said.Shane got up.The general placed his hand on the boy's shoulder as he followed, but he did not move to join the men at the table."I need to speak with Ma'ikel alone, if you please, Your Majesty," I said.The king raised his eyebrows.Oh?And what exactly are you prohibited from saying in front of your king?"This boy, sire, is the subject.I regret that I am unable to say more at this time.King Tomas looked at the youngster in front of him and grinned.The king had curly brown hair that fell to his shoulders and sparkling brown eyes. He was a handsome man."Who is he?""Your Majesty, I am unaware.I hope Ma'ikel can assist me in that regard.The king's scowl got worse."Kid, look at me."Shane quickly stated, "He cannot, sire." as the boy stiffened.He has been instructed to ignore everyone.“What?Why?”"Sire, I regret not being able to tell you."General, "You cannot tell me
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Chapter 7
The morning sun had yet to crest the palace walls, but Frank stood at attention before General Mistri. His body was stiff, but his eyes were downcast. The boy next to him was in much the same position, but that boy stared straight ahead. Frank barely came to the other’s waist, but it was the latter who looked the worse for wear. Chatra Ricard had a split lip, a black eye, and a gash on his cheek that was steadily dripping blood. The knuckles of his right hand were also cut open. Frank had only a small knot on his left temple. Both boys’ clothes were torn and dirty from rolling around on the ground. The rest of the Chatra were in rank behind the two.“Head up, Ga’briyel.”At his father’s stern command, the little boy slowly raised his head and faced him. Jarda kept his face grim, but inside he was proud of his son. He knew that the older boy had started the fight, and he knew that Frank had had no choice but to defend himself, and he had done so admirably.“Which of you wants to tell
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Chapter 8
"Captain Phransa!” he bellowed as he advanced on the man.The captain spun from his position on the edge of the wrestling ring and snapped to attention. “General!”“I will speak to each and every Chatra, starting with the youngest. Send him to the quartermaster’s immediately after I leave.”“Yes, sir, General! It will be done as you say.”Jarda said not another word but swiftly marched to the quartermaster’s. He told the man that he needed the space, and it was instantly vacated. He positioned himself so that he faced the doorway, and he forced himself to relax. It was the older boys he was angry with, and he did not want the younger ones to be scared to talk to him. Moments later, a small boy walked slowly into the room and stood stiffly, his hand on his heart.“Chatra Dinton Sekara reporting as ordered, General.”“At ease, Chatra,” Jarda said softly, and the boy dropped his hand, spread his feet, and placed his hands behind his back.The general pulled two chairs from behind the cou
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Chapter 9
“Yes, sir, General!”The guardsmen conferred briefly, and then three disappeared. Three others stepped forward, and Jarda gently guided Dinton toward them.“Go on, Chatra. They will protect you.”“Yes, sir.” The boy fell into step with the guards, one on either side of him and the third behind him. All three had their hands on their sword hilts.The last four took up positions in the shadows of the room where they could not be seen. Tero was one of these four.“You are to make no sound while I question the Chatra,” Jarda told them. “It will be difficult when you hear what I know some of these boys will say, but you must control yourselves. I do not want the boys to know you are here until you escort them out.”“Understood, General,” Tero said, and Jarda heard the fury in his voice.Jarda stood facing the open door, and within a few minutes another young boy appeared in the doorway and saluted him.“Chatra Sylvain, reporting as ordered, General.”“Step inside, Chatra.”“Yes, sir.” The
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Chapter 10
Jarda took a deep breath. “Look at me, boy.” Glaucus’ eyes slowly came up, and Jarda saw tears in them, but whether they were from fear or guilt, he did not know. “I want you to know that you are the only one of the guilty ones who had the courage to tell me the truth. It does not mean that you will not be punished for your actions, but it does show that you have some integrity and honor in you.”The boy nodded, and his voice caught as he whispered, “Thank you, General. That means a lot to me.”Jarda tilted his head as he crooked his finger toward the shadows. Tero stepped forward with the other three guardsmen. Unlike with Juston and the other three, he merely gestured toward the door, and Glaucus saluted as the first tear trickled down his cheek.“I am sorry, General Mistri,” he whispered as he turned and trudged out the door.Tero started after him, but Jarda stopped him with a hand on his arm.“Let the others take him, Tero. I want to talk to you.”“Yes, sir.” Tero stood at attent
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