Martial Liquor God, Liuxian

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Martial Liquor God, Liuxian

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Liuxian arrives at Enchanting Void hoping to increase his powers and fulfill the expectations of his father. However being as mischevious as he is, Liuxian wonders away from the inital task he was given and falls into trouble after drinking one of the many divine liquors of the mortal realm. Gaining a system that helps him repair his body and level up gaining more power, Liuxian is thrilled by the thought of becoming stronger but little does he know that all his task are to help a dark dark power that is imprisoned on one of the levels. Soon, Liuxian realizes the truth and is caught between the fight happening in the heavenly realm and the mortal realm. If he doesn't level up, he'll fall down a level until he eventually dies. But if he levels up and becomes the strongest he wants to be, there is a chance that he will be releasing something terrifying into the world once again. What will he do? Find out in the novel.


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“You have finally arrived at the Academy. Welcome. Please enter inside." Liuxian heard the seniors at the gate say after they had checked his bag. Of course he had not carried any contrabands on this journey. His father would immediately have his head. Entering inside, Liuxian looked around with enthusiasm to start classes. Enchanting Void was a school where many came each year to learn new things in the martial world. Over 30,000 people were admitted each year but only 7,000 graduated into the martial world as great martial artists at the end. “Please gather here on the platform according to your skills.” Liuxian heard a voice say from nowhere. Few seconds later, everyone gathered on top of the platform according to their skills. Suddenly, a force from the sky came down on all of them changing them into their uniforms. “Wow." The other students said as they checked the color of the clothes they were wearing. “Please look up here. My name is Duan Xinya. I am the principal of Enc
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The Marksmen that had been sitting by the fire quickly got to their feet preparing to kill the Unholy Bird. That was just the way they were. Unlike most people who would just run away from the scene, the marksmen believed in their strength. “You are going to kill it? What if the school holds us responsible for it? Besides, the Unholy Bird sees things in a red light. We are wearing blue. We can't be seen. Not to mention that there is at least a hundred of us. It won't be able to harm us.” Liuxian heard one of the marksmen say. “There is only one way out of the forest. Even if we don't want to fight it, we might have no choice to do so in order to leave. Follow me. Be careful.” Another marksman said leading them out of the forest. Walking out, Liuxian walked with them pretending to be scared. The marksmen didn't seem the least bit afraid which wasn't too good for him. “The place looks calm." Liuxian heard one of the marksmen say. “Still keep your eyes out. Don't underestimate anyth
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(Tap, tap)Shrugging his shoulders, Liuxian turned in his sleep lying on his back. He didn't want to wake up. The soft feel of his bed made him groan in pleasure. However, they weren't going to allow him continue sleeping. The hard sound and the intense pain that it him after his body hit the ground was enough to wake him up. “Ouch! Did you have to…” Liuxian stopped as he realized that he was still alive. Standing to his feet, Liuxian rushed entering the bathroom and closing the door. His action shocked everyone leaving them confused. “Liuxian." Liuxian heard someone calm his name. “Yes? I'll come out immediately I am done taking my bath." Liuxian shouted as he quickly searched his body for the Liquor of Desire anxiously. Instead, all the badges he had collected was on his body. One tied from his left shoulder down and the other was tied from his right shoulder. Coming out of the bathroom, Liuxian checked making sure that there was no one in the room. From the looks of it, he had
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Peng Chen stood with his arms crossed as he listened to Liuxian who was talking fast and trying to demonstrate what he was saying at the same time. It wasn't as if he didn't understand what Liuxian was saying however, it was fun to see Liuxian embarrass himself. “Do you understand?” Liuxian asked as he looked at Peng Chen. “So you want me to help you fool your entire class? Why? What's in it for me?" Peng Chen asked looking at Liuxian coldly. “You. Fine. I'll fufill four wishes of yours. Is that okay? Now, quickly help me.” Liuxian said anxiously. He still had 3 hours left before the upgrade but yet he couldn't tell Peng Chen. Plus he didn't know what could really happen after the upgrade. “Besides, you and I are totally different. You are a protector. I am a marksman. My powers could backlash on you. What will you do then?" Peng Chen asked looking at Liuxian. Realizing it was true, Liuxian sighed about to leave when Peng Chen suddenly dragged him back hitting him hard at his b
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Few hours later, Liuxian returned back to his dormitory sitting on his bed. All the tasks he had been given were nothing like before. They were all hard and….. “I forgot!" Liuxian said as he remembered that he had not checked the time limit. Looking at the bottle in his hand, Liuxian shook the bottle realizing that once again, he had drank everything and left very little. Shaking his head, Liuxian sighed knowing he was in trouble as he decided to drink the remaining wine. Once again, Liuxian found himself back in the cultivation room. “I made it back. What's the time limit? I didn't ask before and almost caused a big problem." Liuxian said. Just like before, a scroll came down from nowhere and stopped in front of him opening itself. [Time limit: 24 hours]Sighing out of relief, Liuxian fell to the ground. Just then, Liuxian remebered. There were lot of ancient martial books here. Maybe one of them knew something about Banishing force sutra. Heading to the bookshelf, Liuxian stood
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After watching the carriage leave, Liuxian turned looking at the Inscriptions Pleasure House. It was nothing he had ever seen before. Unlike most pleasure house, the Inscriptions Pleasure House had the most customers. Their dancers and entertainers were the best. Standing in front of the six storey building in front of him, Liuxian couldn't close his mouth at the massive building in front of him. Suddenly, two girls spotted him from the inside and smiled. From his clothes, they could tell he was a martial artist. Although the city was full of martial artists, not many went about in public actually wearing the clothes of martial artists. “ Mr, you have arrived. We have been expecting you." Liuxian heard the two girls say as they held both of his arms entering inside. “ You were expecting me? I have never been here.” Liuxian said but none of the girls listened to him. Entering inside, Liuxian gasped as he looked around the Inscriptions Pleasure House. The place was full with people
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