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Elyenora is the sole princess of Benulis Kingdom, and a Knight of it. Or at least, she Was. After her father's apparent death, the prince, Aydian, took control and began threatening Benulis' peace with a promise of War and Glory. Now while on the run, princess Elyenora ventures out to seek help in building up her own faction to fight back his madness and take the crown away from her brother. With a quest in mind and a journey ahead, she finds herself alone, chased and famished. It leads to her destiny being in peril, but then through a meeting of chance, He begins shifting the gears of fate. The Princess meets her new Protector. A Man mentally scarred by his Monstrous body, a Beast without name taken prejudice to by his fellow man, a Chimera to whom she bestows a name to cherish. Mon'Ter.


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Chapter 1: A Monster and A Girl. (part 1)
A half-moon shone brightly in the midnight sky filled with stars that dotted across the darkness to no end. Silence loomed in the forests located deep within a secluded mountain, it was a silence that was almost eerie and unnatural. There was a reason for this silence, a reason seeped in blood and terror. In one particular clearing, with four pillars surrounding a tall marble platform that had once been the resting place of the ruler of these woods now stood a bloodied, mangled corpse. Blood dripped from it on all sides as the marble was dyed in a crimson red. The body was so disfigured that you could no longer tell what species the creature once belonged to... On top of the corpse stood the silhouette of what seemed to be a man, however this man was far from what you would call human... It was a Monster. Left arm was missing, its right arm was as black as night, covered in sharp scales and spikes with a hand that was more akin to a dragon’s claws than to a human’s palm a
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Chapter 2: A Monster and A Girl. (part 2)
Roland saw the effect that this creature was having on his men, so he stepped up with his sword raised towards the being before them. “Fear not men! It is but a simple humanoid creature, you who have faced far worse can deal with it!” Roland encouraged his men, “Go, dispatch of it so we may continue.” Eight men then let out a battle cry, pumping themselves up in order to ignore the rising fear that was consuming them. They rushed towards the monstrous creature with their swords raised high, however just as they were about to cut it down... The sound of the monster’s claws stretching out was heard... In but a simple moment, the monster had slung its arm and cut down all eight knights! Its elongated claws retracted back to normal shortly after. “Me said... Leave... not attack me... Bad.” it uttered in irritation. “W-What!?” Roland yelled in surprise, and why wouldn’t he? Those armors were crafted using Adamantium ore by the royal blacksmiths themselves! Not even a dragon’s cl
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Chapter 3: Beginning of a Journey.
The wind blew softly within the forest clearing and its rather bloody scene, two silhouettes still stood tall while conversing. “Show you what being human means?” Elyenora asked, looking up at the eye of the tall man. She was easily dwarfed by Mon’Ter who had an entire foot over her. “Yes...” Mon’Ter spoke quietly, hoping to have his request accepted. Elyenora beamed a smile, and said. “Of course!” The answer had given Mon’Ter a rather pleasant feeling he had not felt before, bringing out yet another smile onto his face. However, a face of concern suddenly appeared on Elyenora’s visage. “But, does that mean you intend to follow me...?” She asked. “Yes.” Mon’Ter replied, “Me must know.” “Mmm...” she contemplated, “Then you must know of my situation first. Else it would not be fair to drag you into my problems.” She spoke confidently and seriously, the gaze of a warrior returning to her eyes. “Okay.” Mon’Ter replied and began to wait for her explanation. “First off, my
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Chapter 4: Town of Cloran.
A girl in the black cloak ran through the streets with bags filled with all the clothes she had bought, she didn’t want to keep the man outside the city waiting much longer. ‘I can’t wait to visit a tavern or something with food! I’m sure Mon’Ter will enjoy some quality cooking too.’ Elyenora’s mind wandered back to food as she moved through the crowds of people. She soon left through the town gates, walking past the guards in an orderly manner before moving across the roads outside the town. It didn’t take too long before she made a turn into the woods, soon enough finding Mon’Ter in the exact same spot he had sat down in over an hour ago. “Mon’Ter, I’ve got you some clothes and a cloak to hide your physical appearance.” Eleyenora spoke up as she got closer to the beast-like man, “You should be fine inside with these.” Once she was next to Mon’Ter, Elyenora took out the clothing, cloak, and bandages. “Ely... These are... Human clothes?” Mon’Ter asked, grabbing the le
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Chapter 5: "Hard-Earned Money."
The middle-aged man counted down, signaling the beginning of the match. However, both Elyenora and the Orc slave had their hands simply stand still there on the table, waiting for the other to start pushing down first. “Come on, female. I ain’t got all day, so give us an amusing attempt before I shut you down.” The orc spoke with a gruff arrogant voice. Still smiling confidently, Elyenora shrugged and replied, "Don't cry later on." Soon, she used her strength to push the orc's arm slowly to the other side. When Elyenora had pushed him slightly, the orc was still feeling smug on the inside and had wanted to overwhelm her right at the end. But after each passing second, the orc noticed something strange. His opponent's grip and power were beyond what he had imagined, making the situation out of his control. He started to seriously push back on Elyenora’s hand, trying his hardest to return it back to the center, however no matter what he did. The girl’s hand didn’t budge. Dripp
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Chapter 6: The Note.
Mon’Ter’s gaze looked down on the thugs, their vision had long since completely tunneled onto the man’s crimson eye and fear had seeped into their very being. Upon Mon’Ter’s request for the bag to be returned, they all fell to their knees while trembling. Tears ran down on their cheeks while their undergarments had become wet from their lost control over their bladders. “M-Mo-Monster...” A rather large thug muttered, his teeth chattering as he trembled heavily in fear and grabbed his shoulders with his hands like he was searching for warmth and comfort. The crimson eye seemed more sinister and more horrifying the more he looked into it, as if it peered deep into his very soul and threatened to butcher it. Mon’Ter then took a step forward, speaking softly in whispers as he did. “Me is not... Monster... Me is, Mon’Ter.” For whatever reason, his introduction had increased the dread that the thugs felt by several fold. Mon’Ter’s frame had grown to a towering size in their eyes,
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Chapter 7: The Prince of Benulis
Far away from the trading town of Cloran, was the capital city of Benulis, the city of Banul. This city is one that could be called as both gorgeous and humongous if it were compared with any of the other nearby cities. A river ran through the entire city, flowing from the western side where a big mountain range stood. The water circled around the castle, giving it a rather pleasing look. The streets were paved with marbles and decorated with expensive vases filled with flowers, the buildings were clean and made with many artistic addons that gave a pleasant sense of relaxation to the residents. Many carts and carriages passed through the paved roads every hour, be they for transporting stock or being used as transport for the city residents themselves. As for the city walls, they reached as high as forty meters into the air, marble and silver coating them to make for intricate patterns that gave the city an exquisite and beautiful look even from far away. Inside the walls
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Chapter 8: Travel and Trouble
Back in the town of Cloran, Elyenora sat at the inn room’s desk and contemplated on her findings. The note had left her rather shocked, so she spent over an hour thinking things over. ‘How long has this note been down there... How many children have already been taken away?’ Elyenora thought, unnerved by the situation. ‘I’ll have to ask around tomorrow, maybe I'm simply overthinking things and they couldn’t start their job yet.’ That night was not a good rest for the young princess, for most of it she simply looked up at the ceiling with a hand over her forehead. It was a sleepless night. … In the morning on the other hand, Mon’Ter woke up and got out of the bed, seeming to have been refreshed. “Ely... These ‘bed’ thingies... Good...” Mon’Ter commented, having slept for the first time on a surface as comfortable for laying down on as a bed’s. “Yeah, they’re nice.” Elyenora spoke, getting up as well with a hint of eyebags forming under her eyes. “Come on Mon’Ter, the inn
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Chapter 9: The Monster Horde.
As the horde of monsters with shining green eyes approached, the carriage horses began to get restless, trying to set themselves free and run. The carriage owner did his best to calm them down and get them to pull the carriages to another direction for them all to escape, but the animals were too afraid to listen or make any sound decisions. “Damn it! Damn it!” The owner bellowed as he tried to rein them in to no avail. The people had given up on the horses and were about to start running on foot, when Elyenora stood up and shouted with a powerful voice. “Everyone! Calm down and take your seats!” She spoke, taking her hood off. “Don't fear, because we will take care of these creatures! So suck it up and wait patiently over there!” She bellowed, brandishing her sword. The Silent Wind Rapier. An exquisite sword that even the common eye could tell it would be worth a fortune, with a snow white blade that glistered in the sun light and a handle that was seemingly made out of gold w
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Chapter 10: Interrogating the Perpetrator.
Trembling all over his body in terror, the man with bloodshot emerald eyes was thrown to the front of Elyenora, quivering at her feet. Smiling slightly, Mon'Ter stared at her with his one right eye lightening up a bit as he spoke to her, "Ely… Me caught the man… He controlled the things." “Good job!” Elyenora beamed with a smile as she kneeled down to look the man over, “Now then, mind telling us what that was all about?” She asked cheerily. Still shivering, as if in a trance, the man muttered “... Dark shadows… Red eye… Help... Me...” Looking at the man's incomprehensible answer, Elyenora turned her gaze back towards Mon'Ter and asked, "Mon'Ter, did you just bring me a disabled person or what?" Shaking his head, Mon'Ter denied the accusation as he pouted a little, "No... The man is... Okay... Try... Wake him up…" Sighing, Elyenora then raised her hand and slapped the man's cheek repeatedly while she spoke, "Hello, princess, wakey wakey." “W-What? Where am I? Who are you peop
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