Murder in the Alley

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Murder in the Alley

By: Yasmine Jameson OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Six friends solve a mystery that their spouses and girlfriends stumbled upon in the neighborhood they live and hang out in.


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He walked into the alley to relieve himself on the way to the car. No way was he going back to that restaurant. As he zipped his pants up, turned, and walked back to the alleyway opening, he felt a searing pain on his body. Turning, he saw a flash and stumbled backward out of the alley. A faint scream was heard by him before death claimed him. He died before he hit the ground. Not many people were around to see him die except for the set of friends out for a walk.  Those two would and could always find trouble even if they were sleeping on a trip for vacation-and have.  Both Steve and Abdul thought their respective wife and significant other would be safe-they had just had babies.  What could happen when out for a walk with their daughters?
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Chapter One-Early Evening
Marisol and Leisia were out doing their early evening walk with their daughters, Mayra and Reyna. It was a nightly occurrence in late spring and all throughout summer. It stopped when the weather got cold in the fall. This would be their last evening walk into downtown. The two women were talking quietly to each other. Dressed identically in flare blue jeans and sweaters with tennis shoes, the two carried diaper bags and purses. Each had an infant asleep in a stroller. Marisol said, "Thank God Mayra finally dozed off." Leisia laughed, "Reyna too. I think they are on the same timetable. I told Nikki that. You know what she said, 'In seven months-time that be me'. " Marisol smirked," I told you she was preggers, but did you listen…No!" "Well," I said, "it's ten times harder now school, work, and a baby. Nikki said I know but I can handle it. I told her I hope so." "Leisia, you worry too much." Then, they walked in silence as they passed
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Chapter Two-Gathering Information
Beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in sight as Marisol and Mayra gazed outside their window seat in the living room. Mayra's personality was showing more. Mayra smiled when she heard Mommy or Daddy, Abdul. She smiled when she heard you say Grandma and frown if she doesn't see Grandma. As Marisol held Mayra up so she could look out the window, the phone rang. She sat her daughter down on the sofa and went to answer the telephone. On the third ring, she answered. "Hello?" "Hey, girl. It's Nikki and I want to come over. We, Leisia and I, have the day off because the boss man hired someone new. Is it okay?" "Sure girl. Mayra and I would love company. We could sit out on the porch and have tea and scones." Says Marisol. Leisia jumped into the conversation and said, "Good. Listen, Nikki has been reading up on the murder. She wanted to tell you some information-think she told the police or Steve." "Oh well okay okay." They both said goodbye and hung up
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Chapter Three-Investigatory Hubris
Abdul comes home and he's angry at John because John didn't pay him his royalties for the song, they had released a year ago. He was on the phone yelling when he walked into the house. He said, "Look John I am home, and Marisol is waiting for dinner." “Hey, sweet pea”, says Abdul as he picks up Mayra. She bounces up and down as he holds her. Today she found his nose. Daddy said, "Don't pick my nose, Mayra." Marisol, said, "She's too young. Keep repeating it.” "You fed her?" asked Abdul. "Yes," said Marisol. As they sat down to eat, Abdul observed Marisol. She looked drained. He knew she was worried about how they were going to make it. He'd lost another job and no royalties had been paid. Bills were piling up. He looked down as his eyes filled with tears. All his hard work was for nothing. His mother would have been proud of him. Bought a house for his family which he paid for without too much assistance. Maintained for a year but now his past
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Chapter Four-the Lodger
The three women met up after Nikki’s ultrasound that morning for Starbucks, in Linden at Aviation Plaza.  Nikki ordered a venti Vanilla Crème hot.  Leisia ordered a venti Café Americano hot.  And Marisol ordered venti Vanilla Chai tea.  The babies were with the babysitter.  After paying for their order, they decided to sit at an inside table until their orders were filled; then go outside to sit at their favorite spot.  They had to drive to it but today the girls changed their mind and went to sit on the car top.  Leisia spoke up saying, “A couple of months back in the end of November, the lodger, as Mr. Sessions was called, had a package delivered right before he left. When asked if he wanted it stored, Mr. Sessions said no. But a strange thing happened before it was delivered.  I told him, ‘A call came through to verify his location. The man on the phone said needed to verify the room number but he wouldn’t give the company information.’ So,
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Chapter Five-Forensics
The next morning Leisia had let the police complete a forensics investigation in the room. The lodger, Mr. Sessions, lived with a woman and a child. She had come a few months prior to his death to live with him bringing a child.  No one knew who she was.  Plus no one asked as well.  When the police came to his hotel room after identifying his body she wasn’t there.  The front desk had seen her leave the room prior with the baby. She had called a cab and it was waiting for her outside the front of the hotel.  There was a baby bag, her purse, and an older woman. All got into the vehicle and drove off. The hotel management was not happy to let them in.  The manager said to the officer, “I run a clean establishment now.  Too many cops after the last one.  That girl we got working here- not one lick of trouble out of her.  She is in school and finished.  Going to night school but virtually.  Says she knows to
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Chapter Six: M.E. Office
The body of the lodger as he was called was brought in and placed in the morgue waiting to be autopsied. The police gave Sandy the bag which carried his personal effects. She shook her head and sighed, saying to the dead man, “Not sure why you were murdered but we are definitely going to find out what happened.” Quickly going over the notes from the crime scene, she notes that in the bag was his wallet. Spying his driver’s license, she got his full name: Mr. Leonard Sessions. He was 45 years old and not in bad shape. Inside his wallet, she found money in the amount of $1,000.00. His credit cards were also intact. Also contained in the plastic evidence bag were a cellular phone-the latest model Samsung S-series and an awfully expensive coat. Prior to moving on, she attempted to take fingerprints off the coat, wallet, driver’s license, credit card, and cellular phone. She would match them with the fingerprints if any were on the corpse. The process was slow and painstaking as she want
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Chapter Seven-Storage Locker
Sitting in the police station, Steve got a phone call from one of the investigators on the scene.  He had been going through the papers and receipts found in the hotel room.  The man kept meticulous records-no one could deny that. His receipts were ordered by date into separate folders for mileage and gas, credit cards, dinners for business, dinners for pleasure, baby clothes, doctor's visits, telephone, and cellular bills, internet, and hotspot fees, plus hotel room charges and extras.  Listening to the other officer explain why he called he found that there was a storage facility that Mr. Sessions used might have some property there. Asking with curiosity, “Why is it that the storage facility is that much of interest?” of the officer on the phone Steve was given this response, “Because of his family being left at the hotel with no means of support. So, get on out there. “Shaking his head and muttering to himself who’s the detective here?  Since Steve ha
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Chapter Eight-Red Herring
After he left, Steve went back to the precinct and sat down at his desk. His partner was out on sick leave.  Thinking to himself Steve couldn’t believe it- that man was sick all the time with the newborn baby.  They kept swapping the cold.  But he was a single dad.  So, Steve cut him some slack. Hell of a way to start a new life- lost his wife in childbirth but gained a strapping baby boy.  He didn’t like anybody but his Daddy, since his mother died in childbirth.  Leaning back, he went over what he had mentally to do in his head and decided to tackle two items first.  Picking up the telephone, he called Leisia.  Drumming his pen on the desktop he waited impatiently for her to pick up the phone and reflexively checked his watch.  Then he breathed a sigh of relief, Reyna would be deep in her slumber for her nap. Still waiting and getting impatient, he started to paw through his notes until he hit on the one, he had written prio
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Chapter Nine-Warrant for Search and Seizure-Delivered
Getting to his desk early the next morning, Steve spied the note he had left on his desk about SunTrust Bank. It said: Newly opened account and not much in it but a pending transfer for ten million dollars. Call on that later. Looking at his watch he knew the bank president and decided to catch him before he went to work. Rifling through the papers on his desk he found his telephone and dialed the number for Michael James Kilpatrick, President of SunTrust Bank. On his fifth ring, a growly voice said, “This had better be important.”  And he said,“Yes, Dad it is. How come you aren’t up to getting ready to go to work?”  And his father answered,“Don’t you listen to your voice mail messages or read your email? I am stepping down from my everyday duties to spend time at home and transitioning into retirement. What can I do for you, son?”Hearing his son’s chair rolling up to the desk and some rustling o
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