My Wicked Schemes System

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My Wicked Schemes System

By: Benjamin Obeng OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Prepare for an adventure like no other! Born again with memories of his past, Benjamin Reeds is on a quest for revenge, justice, and self-discovery. After striking a deal with the enigmatic Vanessa, he uncovers the dark secrets of the government's sinister involvement in his mother's untimely demise, and sets his sights on righting the wrongs of the world. As Benjamin trains and gains allies on his journey, he discovers a supernatural power known as The Wicked Schemes System, a gift that he must master to defend against wicked-minded people. His battles against the Qilin and other powerful supernatural creatures, such as Dragons and kraken, will leave you on the edge of your seat! With each skirmish, Benjamin develops his skills and learns more about his place in a strange new world. In a final clash of epic proportions, the king of all supernatural creatures, the Qilin, will meet his match in Benjamin Reed. But this is only the beginning, as countless other supernatural beings wait in the shadows, ready to challenge him further. Join Benjamin Reed and his allies as they take on the world in a thrilling, action-packed ride that will leave you breathless!


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chapter 1
In every story, always the main character's had goals but not in Benjamin's case. Because all Benjamin's goals died the very night he lost his mother.It was that Memorable day when The Humans and the Mermaids were at war. The humans feared the Mermaids would use their powers someday in the future and for that reason only, They attacked. It was a fierce battle never before. Not even the Second world war created this damage.All human inventions were used that day. Humans died like bugs, blood and carnage was everywhere.Lives were lost, Many Parents didn't return home that day, many humans and mermaids fell like never before. Benjamin Reed's heart froze after seeing his mother lying lifeless in a pool of blood with a fist size hole in her heart."No, no You can't die mommy," He lifted her upwards in his arms and began to sprint towards the water for the hope that she might wake up when drenched in water. "Please Mom. Please don't let me regret knowing you are a mermaid. Tell me mother
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Turn of events 1
Vanessa was ecstatic as she headed to the club, eagerly anticipating her mother's promised love story. However, as she approached the building, she noticed an eerie silence. Once inside, she was aghast at the sight of lifeless bodies, strewn about the club. Blood coated the floors and walls, and the air was thick with the pungent smell of death. Vision blurred by tears, Vanessa searched for her mother among the carnage. Fear gripped her as she considered the possibility that her mother might be among the dead.She searched for a while, not sure whether her mom was part of them or not. Blood leaked everywhere in the room. Her heart trembled but the urge kept her searching. Even though it seemed like a terrible idea for searching for her mother amongst the dead, she still went on with it.Questions raced through Vanessa's mind: Who could have done this? Why did they spare her mother? Did her mother know something that led to her death? In the midst of her grief and confusion a terrible
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Turning of events part two. The villian I never was
Angrily, Vanessa sent Benjamin outside the cold breeze of the ocean and with the help of her people, she started forming ropes around the beast that took her mother on a rock. Vanessa slammed the heavy ropes tight around Benjamin's wrists, her face contorted in fury. He had brought himself to this state, he had invoked the deadliest predators of the sea. Vanessa watched with glee as her army of Sirens surged forth, encircling around them with their powerful tails.*****The first thing Benjamin saw as he woke from the blackness was the smiling, yet agonizing face of Vanessa. His eyes flickered open again to the hushed murmurings of the sea. His head ached as he registered the sight around him. At once beautiful and terrifying, their dark tails were adorned in scales that shone like polished daggers. Enormous creatures towered above him, their long tails coiled as they bowed in supplication to the menacing Vanessa.He looks at the rest of them, confused whether they were actually real
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Chapter 4 Hysteria grip[ I know, I know. You were expecting me to just jump into the story where Benjamin magically wakes up with a system, like all the other system novels... MC receives a system, MC starts kicking butts, starts getting girlfriends, MC becomes famous and then what? ORMC reincarnates mysteriously with a weird set of abilities that surepass everyone else's for no reason then he starts getting special treatment in the military school or wherever the story settles.It's like, really? Nobody else in the universe has ever thought of this??? MC is always the "chosen one" without having a clear reason why he was the only one who could get the system activated in the first place. Every single day main characters were weaklings and then they receive a system in death situations like this and then what? They start Leveling up with the "only I level up" theory leaving the real origins of the system behind. How was it created? Who made it? who was the first host?.... All th
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Finding my prey
"Dad!!, Mother!!, there is something inside the bushes'' Clara gasped for air as she rushed inside the tent. Every muscle in her body was tense as she whispered in a panicked voice, "monster" She ventured down. She gasped out before continuing, "Dad, there is a green monster in the trees." She finished speaking.Ricky couldn't help but laugh at Clara's panicked outburst, and their parents soon followed suit. "Clara, calm down," her mother said, trying to soothe her daughter. "What is it you said you saw in the bushes?" Clara took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts before speaking, "I saw a monster. He jumped from tree to tree and then. And then. And then. He launched himself in my direction."Clara only realized that they were all laughing hard. Even her father was laughing too. "Come on Clara, are you sure it wasn't a monkey. Because I believe there's a lot of monkeys in this jungle." Mr Grayson finished returning to his reading. "I know what I saw and I am not playing around!
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He kidnapped a monster
The officer took the three boys including Reeds. "Hey! where are you taking those children" asked by a Sargent. Soldier"Sir yes sir,I just received a special message from the lieutenant requesting personal confrontation with the kids themselves. please if you would excuse me I have a mission to complete." After saying this he took the kids straight into the jeep.Without wasting time he immediately drove off.Inside the car,the Officer started making a call"I ve got the kids,we are heading to the warehouse. Don't forget to bring my money, impersonating a soldier is a very hard thing to do."immediately after the car he switched the car to security mode, totally locking every door and window.At this very moment did the kids actually came to realize 😱😱😱 what was actually happening 🏃🔞.Benjamin Reeds on the other side of the seat was sleeping like crazy, totally forgetting this mess.Meanwhile an officer was sent to the Sargent to receive permission to send the children to t
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Benjamin finds a mission
This morning Criss Fenty just received an order from his boss indicating that a special agent customer needed 2 full body spare parts, especially from children. So when he heard about the gruesome attack at the jungle and how the Mayor of California had just died together with his wife,It made Criss Fenty Job a little easier, all he needed to do was to just disguise himself as a soldier. He already knew about the Soldiers presence.His mission to safely kidnap the two kids almost went bizarre when that stupid kid from nowhere tried to play hero He had to cripple him to prevent things from getting out of control besides, that boy was of no use to him.His name was not even part of his list so he simply knocked him out after trying to escape with the two others.Totally not knowing the consequences of what awaits him…..Among one of the noisy factories, Clara and her brother had been tied up on a Pillar with 15 feet tall.The car arrived 1 hour ago a perfect time for his minions to
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Successful Rescue
Near hyperventilating, She tried to reach Ricky by following where his voice was emanating from.With every stretch,the scarf that was preventing her from seeing got a bit loosened up. Soon the black rug fell on the floor making her see again.She quickly scanned the area: four men each wearing construction clothes surrounded by a bunch of boxes.When her gaze landed towards the floor, she saw the scarf burning into ashes inside a boiling coal in a yellow metal container just beneath them.She screamed when she saw beneath her that the burning coal gathered in the container was far closer than she thought and if they had struggled early to break free, they would have died by now.Clara :"Ricky are you alright?"Ricky": Yeah,I think so"Clara" : Thank goodness you're okay"Ricky:" Clara,are we going to die ? I feel like we won't make it"Clara:" No honey, I will figure something out and get us out just trust me okay.Ricky: " Okay Clara, but there is no chance of survival at this point.
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The great blue sink hole of Belize
There are hidden things below the ocean.*The Great blue hole of Belize. "Uria, We are here" Hearing this he rushed to the window of the helicopter.Uria:Wow, this is amazing, look at how deep it looks even from up here, Frank,take a look at it's so magical."He tossed him the telescope.Frank: The treasure is down there inside there buried deeper in the ocean for no good reasons. Just praying that our oxygen will be enough to sustain us down there.Uria: Are you sure there are treasures down there? I don't think anybody would bury such treasure in this sinkhole.Frank: Look closer at the map, it's exactly here.The two had borrowed a helicopter to search for the missing treasures buried deeper in the Great blue hole.They slipped into their diving suits and quickly put on their glass helmets that covered even their necks.Uria: Are you sure it's safe? Frank: Don't you want to pay for your son's college? This is an easy job.We go in empty, we come back rich.The voice played in th
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I am a Vampire
Five years ago."Mommy look, our speed boat Is heading towards that island"" Yeah darling, we are heading to that... …did you see that honey??"Damien" see what?"" I saw something huge swimming in the water "Damien "oh my Goddess honey, don't try your little jokes on me now we are in the middle of the ocean okay""I'm not joking honey i'm serious, I swear on your tiny pen*s, I saw something weird in the water."Damien ( laughing )"Oh Jessy now you are being sarcastic. You actually know that I am five inches."The same creature that appeared before was approaching the boat once again but this time, it was not hiding and it was moving really fast."Jessica go inside! take our daughter with you it's not safe out here,stay safe honey". Damien couldn't believe his eyes. He saw a siren looking all beautiful and murderous. "Unbelievable, how did it get here?" he thought in amusement. " I know I shouldn't be hunting these people but I am actually hungry and
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