The  Assassin Gamer

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The Assassin Gamer

By: Heavenium OngoingSystem

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Noctis Ashima is a pro gamer and former marketer who gets sucked into a game dimension. He’s called on by his father to replace his brother, who died in-game. Along the way, he gets involved romantically with female players. Will he repeat the same mistakes his brother did, or will he beat the game?

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  • Oswald Gothrond


    Soo good, I want more

    2023-02-12 05:10:35
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39 chapters
Chapter 1 : Betrayal
There is a heavy battle at the edge of a cliff. A young but tall and fit elite male assassin is surrounded by enemies with no chance of retreating or escaping. Noctis, a handsome young man is returning home from yet another stressful marketing proposal. It is just the end of his shift and he’s preparing to head home. It has been 4 years since he last saw his elder brother. He already went over to RPG Fantasia, hoping to find a cure for our father who was still sick back then. They encountered a serious financial problem back then, so his brother decided to do the unthinkable. "Noctis, you know those ads that went trending about a game where you can earn a lot and change your life for the better?" "You're planning to join? Satsuki, I know you're a pro when it comes to gaming and all, but this is risky." Then he pushed Noctis against the wall with a hand up the neck sleeve of my shirt. "Hey, Kyodai. Why did you have to do that?" "Noctis, you must be dreaming. We're obviously
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Chapter 2 : Satsuki's Replacement
After reading the message on the scroll, Noctis at first had doubts. Then his stomach lurched when he saw the attached video recording of the last moments of his brother. "That's it. I'm joining the fray. Don't worry brother. Your death won't be in vain." Then he packed up all the weapons and badges his father and brother sent over in his backpack. He went to his room and chose to wear black pants and a black shirt that is perfectly accented by his slim yet tall and fit body. Then he put on a black mask which is also a legendary item that could change his voice and cover his face. He combed his unruly silver hair, put on his mountain climbing sneakers, placed the backpack on his back, and grabbed the sheathed daggers with a dragon emblem engraved into the handles, the twin weapon of the katana his brother used, and placed them on his wrist. He also picked up his dragon fire enchanted spear. "Satsuki has been eliminated. You have been chosen as his replacement. Do you agree?" H
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Chapter 3 : A Bully's Karma
Noctis scanned the lobby. There are a lot of players from various races scattered all over the waiting area. Each of them was busy minding their own business. He noticed that he didn't have any potions to replenish his hp, elixirs to refill his mana, and All-cure Panacea that heals all status effects. All he has, for now, are his God-class weapons, a mysterious dark dragon badge that made the others wary when approaching him, and an unlimited amount of money and gemstones. This dragon badge must be a symbol of high status. In short, a symbol of nobility. His garments also made him stand out, as he perfectly resembled his deceased older brother in the game. He looked at the whole Lobby again. It's his good luck to spot shops that cater to players. He walked straight to the shops, mingled with the other players, and took a quick look at the wares offered. Meh. Those sold in the VIP section in the lobby have better quality. He bought some sashimi and ramen instead. Noctis mad
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Chapter 4 : An Intentional Relationship
Noctis could sense the inquisitive eyes of the onlookers behind his back. He can obviously picture their envious looks, and hear hushed murmurs all over the Lobby. He understood their viewpoint, as they don't often get to rescue a player in a dire situation, and a beautiful girl at that. Takara Erich remained seated on the ground not far from where Noctis just dueled her former Guild Master and won. She is too stunned to react at the sudden turn of events she just witnessed right in front of her. Noctis approached her, extended her a hand, then helped her get up. Then he noticed that she trembled while standing. So, he helped her get into a chair and sit down. He also ordered a fresh hot porridge to replace the one that Joe spit on. Noctis sat on a chair next to her and put an arm protectively over her while she hungrily ate the meal I bought. He waited for her to finish her meal while gazing at her. He couldn't help but look at her cute, good-looking face, with her flawless
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Chapter 5 : Potential Allies
Noctis did what he did not just because he pitied Takara, but also because it is practical to take advantage of what he knew about RPG Fantasia. He needed to gain and nurture potential allies who'll be major power players in the future. His years of experience in playing online games taught him to play smart, and plan two steps ahead of the enemy. He thought about the Scraper Guild. Will he use or discard them and give them a hard time when he encounters them again? He considered contacting his father so he can remove the Guild from those shortlisted for the Nobility Badge, and get the Scraper Guild back to square one. Perhaps Noctis can even have them eliminated. There must be a reason behind their Guild Leader being a bully. He also needs to approach his deceased brother's allies and get them on his side. He went to the next floor to challenge the first floor of the Novice Stage. There are 5 Stages in RPG Fantasia, namely Novice, Intermediate, Legendary, God Mode, and Creat
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Chapter 6 : A Visit To The Dragon
Hashioki at the main hideout of Orochi the eight-headed dragon, located on the 40th floor of RPG Fantasia. The house of Orochi reminded him of countless traditional houses scattered all over Japan. He chose to forego his usual clothing of suit and tie. He opted to wear the traditional black kimono with the words Orochi the Black Dragon on the back of the kimono with white ink, written in shodo. He also wore traditional Japanese slippers. White and yellow chrysanthemums dotted the open grounds outside the red gate going into the house, alongside Sakura blossom flowers and cherry blossom trees. A large sculpture of a black 8-headed dragon is placed right outside the gate. It’s been a long time since he last visited Orochi. Nothing has changed since he last visited the minor god. He noted that many people are busy meditating on mats or practicing tai chi n the courtyard garden right in front of Orochi’s house. In the back of the house is a pond garden where koi fish and carp a
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Chapter 7 : The Dragon Reminisces
After Hashioki left the house, Orochi sat in his study, drinking shochu alone. He appreciated the silence and peace for a change. A cold and silent ambiance filled the study, which he liked. As a Game Administrator, he rarely gets to slow down, reflect, and unwind. He also has his hands full keeping the other faction in check. While he is drinking shochu alone, he noticed the door opening, and the familiar figure of his daughter came into view. “Hinata, come in and take a seat. Let’s eat and drink. There is something I’d like to talk to you about.” Hinata came in, and took a seat on the pillow, with her front facing her father. The low study table automatically got filled with traditional Japanese dishes, complete with a Japanese dining set. Seeing her father’s serious expression and intimidating stare, Hinata spoke up. “Is something the matter, Oto-San? I know that the other faction can be a handful most of the time. I’ve had to deal with them in your absence. Tell me, if I
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Chapter 8 : Getting Treatment
The entire Scraper Guild headed straight for the Necromancer Guild’s headquarters in a state of panic right after Joe Franco got humiliated in a duel. The fact that someone much more powerful than them, and a complete newbie at that, beat up their Guild Master and gave them a taste of their own medicine is a hard pill they are forced to swallow. “What the fucking hell on earth happened, eh? Did someone else beat up your Guild Master again?” Leica Hattori, the healer of the Necromancer Guild grinned wickedly at Joe Franco, then looked at the panicked faces of the other Guild members. “Looks like your guild lost your punching bag to a total newbie, huh?” Leica noticed that Takara isn’t tagging along with them. “God damn it, Leica. We’ve already suffered enough. Just heal our damn guild leader, and be done with it.” Sadako Minamoto, the assassin of the Scraper Guild, cut in. She couldn’t stand to hear Leica’s words. “What’s the matter, Sadako? Can’t stand to hear me speaking?” Sa
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Chapter 9 : Getting Stronger
“All right, enough playing around. Let’s end this battle already.” Takara said in a loud, clear, and confident tone. The beast she’s facing is the Nemean Lion, the tenth Mini-boss in the Novice stage. What it lacks in magical prowess, it makes up for in its extremely sturdy fur, immense strength, and fast speed. It let out a loud and deafening roar. It bared its fangs at Takara, then ran at a very fast speed before pouncing with its mouth open, with the intent to kill. Takara immediately chanted a poison spell, aimed for the lion’s open mouth, then she activated the accuracy boost and speed boost she bought from the system with her unlimited gems. Then she activated the special poison shadow clone skill she also bought from the system. She managed to switch places with one of the special poison shadow clones before the Nemean lion bit nothing but poisonous air in the space where she used to stand. After the lion bit one of the shadow clones, it dissipated into thin air, leavi
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Chapter 10: A Splendid Defense
Morrigan watched from a safe distance, with a crow perched on her fair-skinned shoulder, as her soldiers bravely defended their castle from a sudden raid by the Elven-Dwarves alliance. “Well, well. A sudden raid at a time I’m supposed to be resting. What a pleasant surprise.” The attractive goddess looks like an eighteen-year-old girl with fair skin and a flawless face wearing an elegant black body-hugging dress that showed off her sexy body said sarcastically with a smirk plastered upon her lips. “Let’s ramp things up a bit. Brave of those elves and dwarves to come without knocking. Stay here and defend this place. This shouldn’t fall to the invaders.” She said to her new male and handsome assistant, who wore a black robe with a hood that normally covered his handsome yet punk and gothic face, along with his punk hairstyle. The crow perched on her shoulder flew outside the window. Its size grew to that of a dragon, and Morrigan jumped right on its back. The crow hovered right
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