Oliver Lane: The Rise Of A Young Master

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Oliver Lane: The Rise Of A Young Master

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Oliver Lane, went through a lot to save the life of a woman he holds dear. And for that he fell into debts and even made deals with one of the most dangerous men in the entire city, just to make sure her life was retained. He went out of his way for her but in the end of it all, she betrayed him and left him to face the outcome alone, by breaking up with him and getting acquainted with a financially buoyant man, in other words she left him for dead. Feeling betrayed his entire world came crumbling down, his heart broken, the debts too much for him to shoulder. Will he survive the deadly threats from the most dangerous Mafia in the city?


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"Don't worry, I will do everything to save your life and maintain all the bills of the hospital," Oliver said, holding his girlfriend Patricia's hand. She was going through a rare disease which has costly treatment. Being her boyfriend, it was his responsibility to care for her and try his best to save her life.But God knows what he will do? After doing 3 shifts duty in a day. He didn't give up. But he wasn't able to collect the money yet.Oliver, is a fair complexion, lean and handsome man living in the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. He does waiter, sweeper and delivery boy duty. Many times he stays hungry and save the money for his girlfriend's expensive treatment. He has no one in the world except his girlfriend."How will you do that? By doing the small chores work? Are you kidding me?" Patricia jerked her hand away from his hand. She just doesn't like Oliver much but he was the best option for her to be the perfect puppet. She always wanted a boyfriend, who doesn't have a
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"Oh No." Oliver muttered "What did you say? Do you know them? Who on earth are they? They have guns with them." Patricia asked hurriedly with morbid fear as she looks at those in front of her."Calm down Patricia, do not be scared okay? It will be okay I promise..." Oliver said and wanted to alight from the car, when Patricia chipped in "Don't go Oliver, they are very dangerous, they have guns." "I will be fine, okay, do not panic, it will be just fine." He alighted from the truck and walked towards the group of people in black.One of the men who had seen him felt he was walking rather too slow, and forcefully dragged him towards his boss.Patricia stayed back in the car and hid so as not to be seen by the muscled and terrifying looking men, these beastly looking men were ones who breeds only fear wherever they went.'What could they possibly be looking for?' she thought."Oliver, how nice it is to know that you made it home, you are finally here." Nick calmly said breaking off the
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The day after the incident, Oliver was still in pain, it was quite a blow he received the day before by Mafia Tristan's goons.Even though he was in pain, he was glad the life of his girlfriend was no longer in danger and that she was healthy.But then his head was filled with thoughts on how to pay back the heavy debts, he has accrued.The money has amounted to one million, two hundred thousand dollars due to the heavy interest rates that comes along with it.As he thinks about what step to take to end this turmoil in his life, Patricia his girlfriend and woman was busy eating some crispy chips as she texts away.( Patricia )"Hi babe." (Jenny love) "Hi sweetie.""I have a lot to talk to you about, it's really troubling me, I can't seem to decide, I am lost.""Okay talk to me.""It's about Oliver.""Alright what about him?""He is in a whole lot of trouble and I don't know what to do.""Tell me everything.""He has mortgaged the house
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"Okay fine... fine, if that's what you want you can go but at least let me take you to town." Oliver offered."No, that won't be necessary, not in your current state, you need to stay back home and heal." Patricia quickly dismissed his words."Come on, babe please just let me do this okay?" "Oliver, come on you need to heal quickly and only then will you be able to make some changes alright? The sooner you heal, the sooner we stop having debts to our name." She replied trying to sound like she cares about his well being.But when one is in love, they are blind to a fault and it was the case for Oliver at this point.He failed to see what his supposed girlfriend was up to, the red flags and everything that comes with having an ungrateful partner."Okay fine, at least give me a kiss or something before leaving." "Jeez so petty." "What? Or is a debtor like me not worth your love and kisses?" Oliver asked."Hm, you make a good point, anyway here you go." Patricia said and walked up to
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This took Oliver by surprise, he had never seen Patricia in such light, it was more like the woman standing in front of him was a different version from the one he has come to know in the past three years. But he didn't want to believe it, he just felt she was stressed about everything that is happening and felt like he could still reach her heart and make her see sense. Oliver did everything he could to calm her down but Patricia just wouldn't give him face, she remained adamant that she was done with the relationship, he began to wonder where he had gone wrong in the relationship."Come on Babe, if I did something wrong let's discuss it and I promise I won't ever do it again... If it's about the debts you shouldn't be mad since I got into all of those because of you in the first place.""What are you insinuating? That I asked you to go into debt?" Patricia asked "No, but I did all of those to save your life, you were dying Patricia, I can't live without you, so I did all of that t
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This got Oliver very terrified, he couldn't speak anymore because he fears he might anger them more than he already had and they could do something far worse than punching him in the stomach. Also the fear of the unknown gripped him because he has no idea what awaits him, anyways, he didn't have to ponder for long because the vehicle finally arrived at it's destination. As soon as the car halted, he was dragged outside with the hood still covering his head, so he couldn't see where he was or who is in front of him. He was forcefully thrown down and when the hood was removed only then did he notice he was in the very place he shouldn't be, the very place he dreaded the most. The headquarters of Mafia Roland the most feared man in all of New Orleans, Louisiana. He was not someone a normal person would go to for assistance or have dealings with, talk more of getting on his bad side or owing him money. But due to desperation people fall into such traps and they hardly ever pay back
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Hearing this voice Mafia Lord Roland stood up and said more like whispering to his right hand man Nick,"How did they find the secret base? I thought not just anyone could come in here? Have you all become so incompetent? How could you not guard our secret base?" "Sir, I... well... we did guard it tightly." Nick replied very humbly."Seeing that just anyone could just barge in, it's not so secret anymore is it?" Mafia Roland yelled at his right hand man for the first time startling Albert."We will get to the bottom of this, boss." Nick said This made Roland upset that he turned towards the stranger and said,"Old man, how did you find out about our secret base? Because surely you didn't come through the front gates." He said that hoping he gets an explanation, because if the secret base is known by just anyone then this place is no longer safe for them to continue their shady business. This secret base, was used for secretly smuggling banned goods and vital organs to their custome
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'Young master? What is going on?' Oliver thought while standing there transfixed and dumbfounded."If you would please come with me, young master." The old man said politely.Oliver's head was filled with questions and thoughts, he couldn't believe what was happening. But what he was thankful for was that he was saved from the hands of the most dangerous man in all of Orleans.But that was not the place for asking questions, he felt he needed to be miles away from that building as quickly as possible.But then venturing into the unknown was far worse.They eventually left Mafia Tristan's headquarters, this made Tristan his men dumbfounded.They just couldn't fathom what was happening, they were very sure he had no money on him when they brought him in, but he was leaving with pride and honour, he was even referred to as a young master.'What is going on with Oliver, he is a broke ass dude, I know him for a long time now, how could he be young master? I still don't get it.' Albert thou
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"Check for a pulse." A doctor yelled.That was the only thing Oliver heard before the door to Dorian's ward was shut.This further made him a little bit more uncomfortable than he was when all the monitors beeped.Oliver was confused, everything happening was too much for him to process, given that he was almost ostracized from the surface of the earth some minutes ago, he didn't know what to do, he was spaced out. The shock of what happened in the ward was still eminent in him.His brain was blank, his entire body numb. So in order not to pass out, he found a chair and slowly sat down on it, he needed a moment to get everything happening to him in while he awaits patiently for the doctors to bring good news since they came in time.Just outside the hospital, a woman was on her way to the ward holding a lunch box filled with vegetables and some side dishes.'I am sure he will eat this and get better, it's his favorite.' she thought."Good morning ma'am." A nurse greeted her mildly.S
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The fleet of cars waiting for him one would think they were for sale, so he called the guard assigned to him personally by Nate, since they were both of the same age group with hopes that they get along well."Christian!!!" Oliver exclaimed A young well bodied man, walked towards him in a quick pace."Yes young master." He replied humbly."Why all the cars?" Oliver asked with furrowed brows."Well they are meant for your protection sir.""*Sighs* it's my first day at work today, and I am not going there as the owner of the company, but as an employee. Come on, Chris, I don't want to draw attention to myself on my first day." Oliver simply said."Fine, at least take the SUV and the Ferrari it won't draw much attention." Christian replied."Unbelievable." He muttered,Oliver shook his head, pointed to a regular car and entered into it.Christian shrugged his shoulders and followed behind. He swiftly entered into the driver seat and asked for some of his fellow body guards to follow at
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